AccuTools DS-220R Refrigerant Charging Scale Portable

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AccuTools DS-220R Refrigerant Charging Scale Portable

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Quick Overview

AccuTools DS-220R Charging Scale is one of the most precise and feature-packed charging scales on the market today with 220lb capacity and 0.1oz resolution. The AccuTools DS-220R is perfectly suited for HVAC and refirgeration work, including Critical Charging of small refrigeration systems, and features a patented lightweight and rugged design perfect for carrying to rooftops and up ladders.

Characteristics: AccuTools DS-220R Charging Scale
  100 kg (220 Lb.) capacity, 2 gram (0.1 oz.) resolution, and 0.5% accuracy
  Measures in kilograms, pounds, pounds & ounces, and ounces
  Programmable alarm will go off when entered charge when is reached
  Can be used with Optional CM-500 Charging Module to shut off flow when threshold is met
  Onscreen indicator for tank capacity
  Indicator for battery life
  Rugged compact design for low profile and less storage space
  Built-in carrying handle and includes soft case
  Large high-contrast LCD display is easy-to-read in all environments
  Control module stored inside scale compartment when not is use
  Can be easily field calibrated with reference weights or restored to factory defaults
Includes: DS-220R Charging Scale, Rugged Nylon Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap,
Batteries (4 AAA Alkaline), Instruction Manual

AccuTools DS-220R Refrigerant Charging Scale Portable has a 220lb capacity with 0.1oz resolution that is one the most feature-filled precision scales on the market. The AccuTools DS-220R is specially designed for HVAC and refrigeration work like Critical Charging on small systems with a patented lightweight rugged design and built-in handle for easy carrying. Also, the AccuTools DS-220R can be easily programmed, calibrated in-field, and includes charging alarms.

Specifications: AccuTools DS-220R Charging Scale
Capacity 100 kilograms (220 Pounds)
Accuracy 0.5% of Reading
+/- 1 Least Significant Digit
Resolution 2g, 0.005 lbs., 0.1 oz.
Batteries 4 x 1.5V 'AAA'
Alkaline Batteries (6 VDC)
Battery Life 30 Hours Continuous
Operating Temperature 0°C – 60°C
(32°F – 140°F)
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)
Dimensions 26.7 cm x 26.7 cm x 4.5 cm
(10.5” x 10.5” x 1.75”)
U.S. Patent D523,366
Applications:  AccuTools DS-220R Charging Scale
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