AEMC 4620 4-Point Digital Ground Resistance Meter

Model4620 MFG Part2130.43
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AEMC 4620 4-Point Digital Ground Resistance Meter

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Quick Overview

AEMC 4620 4-Point Ground Earth Resistance Tester performs ground resistance and soil resistivity testing. This direct reading testers meter measures earth resistance from 0 to 2000Ohm, and is auto-ranging, so it automatically seeks outs the optimum measurement range for each test.

Characteristics: AEMC 4620 4-Point Ground Earth Resistance Tester
  Extremely simple to operate: connect - press - read
  Designed to reject high levels of noise interference
  Auto-Ranging: automatically selects the optimum range
  Step voltage tests and touch potential measurements
  Measures ground resistance (2- and 3-Point) Fall-of-Potential method
  Measures soil resistivity (4-Point) method
  LED on faceplate informs operator of high input noise, high auxiliary rod resistance and fault connections
  Battery powered
  Rugged, dustproof and rainproof field case
  Can also be used for continuity tests on bonding
  Color-coded terminals
The AEMC 4620 4-Point Digital Ground Resistance Meter measures soil resistivity and ground resistance. Measures from 0? to 2000? with an auto-ranging feature to automatically seek out the optimum measurement range. Resists vibration, shock, and drops up to par with IEC standards. Denies high levels of interference to ensure accurate measurements.
Specifications: AEMC 4620 4-Point Ground Earth Resistance Tester
Measurement Ranges 0.00 to 19.99Ohm; 20.0 to 199.9Ohm; 200 to 1999Ohm
Resolution 10mOhm (0.00 to 19.99Ohm); 100mOhm (20.0 to 199.9Ohm); 1Ohm (200 to 1999Ohm)
Open Voltage below 42V peak for all ranges
Resistance Frequency 128Hz square wave (for all ranges)
Test Current 10mA (0.00 to 19.99Ohm); 1mA (20.0 to 199.9Ohm); 0.1mA (200 to 1999Ohm)
Accuracy +/-2% of reading +/-1ct(0.00 to 19.99Ohm); +/-2% of reading +/-1ct (20.0 to 199.9Ohm); +/-2% of reading +/-3cts (200 to 1999Ohm)
Auxiliary Electrode Influence Max Res. in Current Circuit: 3kOhm (0.00 to 19.99Ohm); 30kOhm (20.0 to 199.9Ohm); 50kOhm (200 to 1999Ohm)
Power Source Eight C Cell Alkaline Batteries
Applications: AEMC 4620 4-Point Ground Earth Resistance Tester
  Three-Point measurements of resistance to ground of ground rods and grids. Three-Point measurements are generally used when the electrode or grid can be easily disconnected, if corrosion is suspected, or where ground faults are unlikely to occur
  Four-Point tests or soil resistivity measurements. Locating areas of lowest soil resistivity is essential for achieving an economical grounding installation
  Touch potential measurements, an alternative to 3-Point tests. A recommended test when the ground cannot be disconnected, where ground faults are highly likely, or when the "footprint" of grounded equipment is comparable to the size of ground to be tested
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Technical Specs for AEMC 4620 4-Point Digital Ground Resistance Meter:

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