AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter

Model5070 MFG Part2130.3
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AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter

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Quick Overview

AEMC 5070 5000V Digital/Analog Megohmmeter is a fully automated 5000V graphical insulation resistance tester made by AEMC Instruments.
AEMC 5070 includes selectable and programmable test voltage (40 to 5100V). Programmable temperature correction of resistance readings during testing.
Characteristics: AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter
  True Megohmmeter with selectable test voltage from 40 to 5100V
  Insulation measurements from 30kΩ to 10TΩ
  Automatic step voltage with programmable step and dwell times - three profiles can be stored, each with up to five steps
  Programmable temperature compensation of resistance readings
  Automatic calculation of DAR, PI and DD values
  Direct measurement and display of Resistance, Test Voltage, Run Time, Capacitance and Leakage Current
  Automatic test inhibition if live voltage is present
  Automatic discharge and display of discharge voltage
  Large graphic display with five line alphanumeric display and graph of all test results
  Rugged weatherproof field case
  RS-232 interface for direct printing of results
  128kB memory for storing field test data
  Remote operation from PC
  DataView software for data storage, real-time display, analysis, and report generation

AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter is a fully automated 5000V graphical insulation tester made by AEMC Instruments. Selectable and programmable test voltage (40 to 5100V). Programmable temperature correction of resistance readings.

AEMC Digital Megohmmeter model 5070 is the only insulation resistance tester to offer both a graphical plot of the test right on the instruments, as well as a digital presentation of the test results. It has a large graphic display with five line alphanumeric display and graph. It also offers the ability to program up to three step voltage profiles, each containing up to five steps.

AEMC 5070 Digital Megohmmeter has an RS-232 port which provides the ability to configure the unit and run the test from a PC.

Test results can be generated directly to a printer using the DataView graphing and analysis software. Dataview software provides a convenient way to configure and control Megohmmeter tests from the computer.

Specifications: AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter 
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Applications: AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter
                                        Test insulation on cables, transformers, motors, generators, insulators and wiring installations
  High resistance or absorption tests
  Spot reading tests
  Timed resistance measurements
  Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) and Polarization Index (PI) tests
  Multi-layer insulation testing (DD)
  Test old or water damaged installations over long time runs
  Motor insulation resistance measurements
  Computer controlled production line testing
  Predictive maintenance by storing results in PC for trend analysis
  User selectable voltage testing to provide application specific testing
Specs and Videos

Technical Specs for AEMC 5070 5000V Megohmmeter:

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Customer Reviews

AEMC 5070 Megohmmeter Review by Tedd

The AEMC 5070 Megohmmeter offers a cool feature, a real-time graphic plot of measurements and digital presentation of test results. It is True megohmmeter. Consider this model if you need one.

(Posted on 2/24/2014)