Greenlee DM-860A-C Commercial Digital Multimeter

ModelDM-860A-C MFG Part2069
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Greenlee DM-860A-C Commercial Digital Multimeter

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Greenlee DM-860A-C Digital Multimeter is a full featured Industrial Digital Multimeter and the latest addition. Safety, performance and versatility set the Greenlee DM-860A-C Digital Multimeter apart from the rest. Greenlee DM-860A-C is a version with certificate of calibration.
Chracteristics:Greenlee DM-860A-C Commercial Digital Multimeter
 AC/DC True RMS and VFD (variable frequency drive) provides accurate readings in noisy environments
 50,000 count dual display for greater accuracy, and a 500,000 count display available in DC voltage mode
 Audible and visual alert via a beep-jack module help prevent blown fuses or dame to the meter itself
 A built-in 41-segment analog bar graphic makes it easy to review measurements
 Record max, min, avg, min-max, data hold, and crest capture for measurement review at a later time
 An off-set display mode makes monitoring relative measurement changes easy
 Measures resistance, frequency, continuity, duty cycle, capacitance, and temperature, as well as diode and conductance tests
 Type-K thermocouples allow for dual temperature measurement up to 1,832 degrees F/1,000 degrees C
 Built-in auto range function for fast and convenient operation
 Backlit LCD display is easily viewable under any conditions
 Power-saving auto-off function to preserve battery life when not in use
 A wide AC bandwidth for measuring
This NIST certified Greenlee DM-860A Digital Multimeter is a fully featured industrial digital multimeter, and the latest addition to the Greenlee lineup. Safety, performance, and the versatility of this device set it ahead of the rest. Featuring the highest level of safety with a UL Category IV 1000V rating, your measurements are guaranteed to be safe. To avoid damage to the meter, a built in Beep-Jack visual and audio warning system help to prevent improper test lead connections and blown fuses. The 50,000 count backlit display is easy to read, and allows for superior accuracy and functionality. Built in AC/DC True RMS and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) voltage and frequency functions allow for precise readings on electrically noisy circuits. Auto-ranging function provides convenient operation and introduces time savings. An optional USB cable, the DMSC-9U and its
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