Extech 445814 Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer

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Extech 445814 Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer

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Extech 445814 Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer features Humidity Alert with internal sensors.
Characteristics: Extech 445814 Digital Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer
  Alarm for preset humidity conditions
  %RH audio/visual warnings if humidity tops set limit
  Show dew point temp
  Max/Min and clear buttons
  Range: Humidity: 10 to 99%, Temperature: 14 to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to 60 Degrees Celsius), Basic Accuracy: +/-4% RH; +/-1.8 Degrees Fahrenheit/1 Degree Celsius
Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer Extech model 445814 has internal sensors that can provide humidity warnings. This tool also can display dew point, temp, and humidity.
Specifications: Extech 445814 Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer
  See detailed Specifications in Specs and Videos tab.
Application: Extech 445814 Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer
  In summertime, identifies and warns when conditions for mold growth exist
  In wintertime, identifies and warns when low humidity conditions for static electricity exist
  Remote probe (Model 445815) allows for measurements behind walls or in difficult to access locations
  Air temperature and dew point temperature indicate where condensation may occur
  Monitor conditions in laboratories, storage areas and other controlled environment settings
  Ideal solution when traceable ISO calibrations are required by operating standards (Model 445815 only)
Specs and Videos

Technical Specs for Extech 445814 Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer:

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