Extech LT300 Handheld Light Meter

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Extech LT300 Handheld Light Meter

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Quick Overview

Extech LT300 Light Lux Meter is a Digital and Analog Display of Light in Foot Candles or Lux. A light lux meter is a device used to measure the intensity of light as well as the illumination, whether as a part of a larger light regulation system or just as a handheld device used to check whether light levels meet specified criteria.
Characteristics: Extech LT300 Light Lux Meter
  Wide Range to 20,000 Foot Candles or Lux with High Resolution to 0.01 Fc/Lux
  Relative mode indicates change in light levels
  Peak mode captures highest reading
  Remote light sensor on 12" (305mm) coiled cable — expandable to 24" (609mm)
  Utilizes precision photo diode and color correction filter
  Cosine and color corrected measurements
  High accuracy of ±(5% reading + 0.5%FS)
  Min/Max and Data Hold
  Large LCD display with analog bargraph
  Backlight for readings in low light levels
Includes 9V battery, light sensor with protective cover, protective holster

Extech LT300 Handheld Light Meter measures light in foot candles or lux with a digital and analog display. The Extech LT300 features measurement up to 20,000 foot candles with 0.01 fc/lux resolution, relative mode to detect changes in light levels, MIN/MAX and data hold features, and color and cosine corrections.

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Technical Specs for Extech LT300 Handheld Light Meter:

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