Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter 2654746

Model345 MFG Part2584181
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Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter 2654746

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Quick Overview

Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter (Mfg part No. 2584181)is ideal for measurements on switching loads such as variable frequency drives, electronic lighting and UPS systems. This power quality clamp meter features a clamp-on measurement of ac current up to 1400 A rms and dc current up to 2000 A without breaking the circuit. For help choosing the right produt, see Fluke's Clamp Meter Selection Guide.
AC/DC current: Clamp-on measurement of ac current up to 1400 A rms and dc current up to 2000 A without breaking the circuit
Highest safety rating: 600 V CAT IV rated for use at the service entrance
Accurate in noisy environments: Even with distorted waveforms present on electronic loads with low-pass filter
Data logging: Identify intermittent faults by logging any power parameters for minutes or months, including harmonics
Verify batteries: Direct measurement of dc ripple (%) for battery and dc systems
Troubleshoot harmonics: Analyze and log harmonics digitally or graphically
Inrush current: Capture and analyze nuisance tripping, from 3 seconds to 300 seconds
Easy to use: Easily confirm instrument setup with large backlit color display of waveforms and trends
3-Phase power: Built in capability for balanced loads
View graphs and generate reports: With included Power Log software
Virtual Product DemoClamp Meter Demo
The Fluke 345 Clamp Meter for Power Quality is a power quality logger, power analyzer, and a clamp meter all in one. It is ideal for monitoring electronic loads such as electronic lighting, UPS systems, and variable frequency drives. Measures AC current up to 1400A RMS and DC Current up to 2000A without needing to break the circuit due to its Hall Effect clamp meter design.
Color transmissive LCD320 x 240 pixels (70 mm diagonal) with 2 level backlight
Power supply:
Battery type1.5 V Alkaline AA MN 1500 or IEC LR6 x 6
Battery life typically> 10 hours (backlight on full) > 12 hours (backlight reduced)
Battery Eliminator BE345Input 110 V/230 V, 50/60 Hz Output 15 V dc, 300 mA
Ambient conditions (For indoor use only):
Reference conditionsAll accuracies stated at 23 C 1 C (73.4 F 1.8 F)
Operating temperature0 C to 50 C (32 F to 122 F)
Temperature coefficient of current≤ +- 0.15 % of rdg per C
Temperature coefficient of voltage≤ +- 0.15 % of rdg per C
Maximum relative humidity80 % for temperatures up to 31 C (87 F) decreasing linearly to 50 % relative humidity at 40 C (104 F)
Maximum operating altitude2000 m
Electrical safety:
SafetyIEC 61010-1 600 V CAT IV, double or reinforced insulation, pollution degree 2
ProtectionIP40; EN60529
Maximum safe working voltagesCurrent measurement: 600 V ac rms or dc between uninsulated conductor and ground
Voltage measurement 600 V ac rms or dc between either input terminal and ground, or 825 V between energized phase voltages (delta power config.)
EmissionIEC/EN 61326-1:1997 class B
ImmunityIEC/EN 61326-1:1997
Dimensions (length x width x depth)300 mm x 98 mm x 52 mm (12 in x 3.75 in x 2 in)
Weight including batteries820 g/1.8 lb
Jaw opening60 mm
Jaw capacity58 mm diameter
CleaningThe unit can be cleaned with an Isopropanol impregnated cloth. Do not use abrasives or other solvents.
Set up and troubleshoot variable frequency drives and UPS systems
Harmonics measurements
Inrush capture
Load studies
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Technical Specs for Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter 2654746:

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