Tempo 24B Irrigation Solenoid Tester

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Tempo 24B Irrigation Solenoid Tester

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Tempo 24B Solenoid Tester is a portable, battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic tester combining solenoid activation and wire identification.
Durable construction for outdoor use.
No wire stripping required.
Can activate any 24V AC solenoid.
Benefits:Valve solenoid testing independent of the controller.
Sends strong tracing tone
Check clock AC voltage.
Low battery indication.
Easy-to-understand LEDs.
Test leads with "bed-of-nails" and piercing pin plips.
Tracing valve wiring.
Locates underground solenoids.
Send tone to identify wires.
Activate any 24V AC valve solenoid.
Chatter mode for audible locating of valves.
Test solenoids for continuity.
Troubleshoot irrigation systems.
Uses inexpensive batteries.
Warranty:One Year.
Also available as a kit (model 24BK) with a tone tracing probe.

Tempo 24B Irrigation Solenoid Tester is designed to to troubleshoot solenoids and trace and identify wiring. The Tempo 24B features heavy duty construction, examination of clock AC voltage, low battery indicator, valve wire tracing, solenoid "chatter" feature to help locate specific solenoids, and continuity testing in solenoids.

Physical:Length: 5.56 in. (141mm)
Environment:Operating/storage temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Relative humidity (max): 80%
Power Source:Battery: 2 - 9V Alkaline batteries
Solenoid activate output voltage: 27 to 18 V AC
Maximum distance range to activate one solenoid: 12 AWG Loop 3000-13000 ft. (depending on battery condition) 14 AWG Loop 2000-8500 ft. 18 AWG Loop 500-3000 ft.
Maximum input voltage between test leads: 28 V AC
Minimum battery while testing: 10.5 V DC
Electrical:Minimum voltage for clock LED: 15 V AC (LED intensity increases as voltage increases)
Width: 2.34 in. (59.5mm)
Depth: 1.0 in. (25.5mm)
Weight: 0.6 lbs. (0.27kg)
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