Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer Portable with Printer 0563 3110

Model310-Kit MFG Part0563 3110
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Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer Portable with Printer 0563 3110

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The best-seller Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer with Printer (Mfg. part 0563 3110) is a ruggedly designed residential combustion analyzer with a fast 30 second start up time, simple to read icons, and a large backlit display. Testo 310 Kit is fully featured and measures O2, CO, CO2, draft, pressure, flue and ambient temperature, excess air, combustion efficiency, undiluted CO and ambient CO. The Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyzer Kit eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in testing and is great for residential water heaters, boilers and furnaces. This kit includes an IrDA printer. Made in Germany. Ground Shipping Free in Continental US. 

Available also Testo 310 ( Mfg part: 0563 3100) Combustion Analyzer without printer.

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Characteristics: Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer Portable with Printer 0563 3110
  CO Measurements from 0 to 4,000 PPM
  Innovative pump shut-off protects the
analyzer during over-range exposure
  Purges harmful gases from the system with
auto-rinse feature during the shut-down
  Tough Teflon lined hoses resist fraying, kinking, and splitting.
Improves overall longevity, improves response times, and prevents
air leaks.
  Superior NOx filtration for accurate readings coupled with temperature compensation
  Rugged construction for use in tough places
  Backlit display with icon based menu for easy operation
  Up to 10 hour battery life via rechargeable lithium batteries
  Convenient water trap without the need to disconnect the hoses
  Optional wireless printer for record keeping
  Fast - 30 second start time
  Quick exchangeable probe filters
  Strong magnets allow hands-free operation
Tests performed: • O2, CO (w/ NOx filters standard), CO2
• Draft & Pressure
• Temperature (flue & ambient)
• Combustion efficiency & excess air
• Undiluted CO (CO air free)
• Ambient CO
Kit includes: Analyzer, battery, sensors, probe w/ cone, hose, case, silicon tubing (for pressure), extra particulate filters (5), AC power supply (USB), pressure plugs (5), & calibration certificate, plus IR printer (0554 3100), & 2 rolls of thermal paper.
Warranty: Measuring instrument, Flue gas probe: 24 months
Thermocouple: 12 months
Sensors O2, CO: 24 months
Rechargeable battery: 12 months

Testo 310-Kit Combustion Analyzer (Mfg. part 0563 3110) is a new class instrument that comes with expanded testing capabilities. Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer features rugged housing, easy-to-read backlit display, simple to-of-display icons, fast test time - only 30 seconds, and is very simple to use. Testo 310 Kit  Residential Combustion Analyzer is perfect for residential furnace, boiler and water heater service calls.  The  Testo 310-Kit comes with wireless printer.

Specifications: Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer with Printer 0563 3110
Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
O2 0 to 21.0 vol.% ±0.2 vol.%
CO (w/ NOx filter) 0 to 4000 ppm ±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm)
±1.5% of reading (401 to 2000 ppm)
±10% of reading (2001 to 4000 ppm)
Ambient CO 0 to 4000 ppm ±20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm)
±1.5% of reading (401 to 2000 ppm)
±20% of reading (2001 to 4000 ppm)
- Combustion
32° to 752 °F
(0° to 400 °C)
±2 °F (32° - 212 °F)
±1.5% of reading (>100 °F)



-4° to 212 °F
(20° to 100 °C)
±2 °F
Draft -8 to +8" H2O

±0.01" H2O

±1.5% of rdg. (remaining range)

Pressure -16 to +16" H2O ±0.2" H2O
CO2 0 - CO2 max calculated
Efficiency 0 - 100% calculated
Excess Air (EXA) 0 - 100% calculated
CO Undiluted
(U CO) or
(CO Airfree)
0 - 4000 ppm calculated
Selectable fuels natural gas; propane; fuel oil 2; bio heat 5;
wood (w/ 20% moisture) 
Applications: Testo 310 Kit Combustion Analyzer with Printer 0563 3110
  Residential furnace analysis and boiler and water heater analysis
  Maintenance or safety checks
  Combustion tunning
  Excellent tester when installing a new furnance or boiler
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Customer Reviews

Good starter kit Review by Louis Jackson

Testo's 310 analyzer is the perfect tool for any starting technician. It will measure and calculate the majority of the things you will need. For a price under $1,000 there isn't much better if you are on a budget constraint. Simple to use device and a clear display and its very rugged to live through some poor treatment.

(Posted on 10/3/2014)

well designed Review by Dean Abbott

Testo really set a high bar for the entry level analyzer. It is very solid with a lot of neat "features". Large buttons, magnetic boot and easy to replace filter in the probe are little upgrades that remind you how awesome this thing is.

(Posted on 9/25/2014)

Very large screen Review by Marcos Blake

Love this analyzer. The dual display gives me CO and O2 readings and the menu is easy to navigate. These are very important as i use the analyzer everyday and it makes life so easy.

(Posted on 9/24/2014)

testo 310 Review by jerzetech

Best bang for your buck! Very reliable,and has more features than analyzers that cost twice as much. In my 2nd year of using it and love it.

(Posted on 8/28/2014)

full kit Review by Greg Grant

Been working this analyzer hard since the day i got it. Easy to navigate menu and accurate results. Will have no problems buying this again, or upgrading to the 320.

(Posted on 8/19/2014)