Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Quick Overview

Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera has the sensitivity, resolution, and value that is needed for building science and preventative maintenance professionals. The Testo 875i-1 features a large 3.5" LCD Screen with 160 x 180 resolution with the option to upgrade to SuperResolution 320 x 240. Made in Germany.


Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager General Inspection Camera
  Features a large 3.5" LCD Screen
  High quality thermal resolution at 160 x 120 pixels (with Optional SuperResolution 320 x 240)
  Top of the line thermal sensitivity <50 mK NETD
  Excellent refresh frequency of 33 Hz
  TwinPix image blending for thermal fusion and Picture in Picture
  Features new Solar Mode
  Voice Annotation makes it easy to add notes to your thermograms
  Customizable reporting software is included

Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager General Inspection Camera is the second entry in the 875 series of point-and-shoot thermal cameras. This thermal camera gives you a 3.5" LCD display with 160 x 120 pixels (19,200 total) and a 32 Degree x 23 Degree Field of View making it useful for Electrical, Mechanical, and Building Diagnostic applications. Lightweight and easy to use, this infrared camera delivers high quality images with a thermal sensitivity of 0.05 Degrees C and a refresh rate of 33Hz making it an affordable option to enter the thermal imaging market. Equipped with TwinPix, this blending of a digital and thermal picture gives greater detail in the image to see what object is being measured. The Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera is recommended for Utility / Manufacturing Companies, Energy Auditors, HVAC Specialists, and Facility Managers as well as many others that could benefit from seeing the detailed and accurate changes of temperature this camera offers. Free ground shipping is available within the Continental US.

** For more information, see the attached Spec Sheet in the 'Specs and Videos' tab.

** To upgrade to SuperResolution for 4x the pixels, use model# 0554-7806.

** NIST Certificate available, use Model # 400520 1913

** ISO Calibration & Certificate for 0, 25, 50 Degrees C use Model # 0520 0489

** ISO Calibration & Certificate for 0, 100, 200 Degrees C use Model # 0520 0490

** ISO Calibration & Certificate for 3 temperature points (-18 to + 250 Degrees C) use Model # 0520 0489

Specifications Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera
Resolution 160 x 120 FPA
Super Resolution (4x pixel upgrade) 320 x 240 - Optional
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)
0.05°C at 30°C (50mK)
Visual Camera Included
Standard Lens 32° x 23° / 7" min. focus
Telephoto Lens 9° x7° / 20" Min. focus Optional
Video Out Included
Radiometric Video Capture N/A
Lens Protection Glass Optional
IRSoft Analysis & Report software Included
Frequency 33Hz
Focus mode Manual
Spectral range 8 to 14μm
Image display 3.5" LCD
Rotating Display N/A
Rotating Handle N/A
Power LED Lights N/A
TwinPix (Visual & IR Image Blending) Included
Fusion Yes
Picture-In-Picture Yes
Panoramic Assistant N/A
Site Recognition (Barcode & Database Solution) N/A
Temperature Range -4°F to 662°F
Extended High Temperature Range N/A
Accuracy ±2% of reading
Emmissivity Correction 0.01 to 1.0
Atmosphere Correction (Reflected Temperature) N/A
ISO Certification Optional
Color palettes 9
Voice Annotation N/A
Isotherm Function N/A
Solar Mode (Solar Intensity Values) Included
Surface Moisture distribution N/A
Humidity measurement with Radio Probe N/A
File format .bmt Export formats - bmp, jpg, cvs
Storage device 2GB SD Card
Battery type Li-ion - 4+ hour run time
Extra Battery Optional
Battery Charging Internal
External Rapid Charger Optional
Operating temperature range 5°F to 104°F
Storage Range (IEC 60529) -22°F to 140°F
Vibration (IEC 60068-2-6) 2G
Weight Appoxomately 2 lbs.
Dimensions 6" x 4.2" x 10.3"
Tripod mounting Included
Housing ABS Plastic
Software System requirements Windows XP(SP2), Vista 7 and USB 2.0 Port
Warranty 2 Years
Applications: Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera
  Ability to identify mold risk areas
  For regular checks in electrical maintenance
  Support in preventive mechanical maintenance
  Fast and easy monitoring of filling levels
  More reliability in quality assurance and production monitoring
  Reliable high-temperature measurement
  Ensuring power generation
  Analyzing the superheating of circuit boards
  Checks heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems quickly and easily
  Discovers trail of a pipe rupture: If you suspect a pipe is ruptured, the only solution is often to break open whole walls and floors to pinpoint the leak
  Assess problems and defects in building construction. Larger sensors provide you greater sensitivity and detail when performing building audits
  Locate high moisture areas that can become a breeding area for mold
  Pinpoint roof leaks. Inspect flat roofs for moisture penetration
Specs and Videos

Technical Specs for Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imaging Camera:

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Customer Reviews

Man, what a difference Review by Peter Morris

It is amazing how far thermal cameras have come these days. The prices have really tumbled. Bought this camera and received my Gas Card as well! Every little bit helps and i appreciate when companies don't take their customers for granted. The software even shows the thermal and digital picture in one which makes the reports look real nice.

(Posted on 4/25/2014)

awesome camera Review by Calvin

This is my first thermal imager and it is awesome. The images are clear and the TwinPix is makes it even clearer on the reports.

(Posted on 4/18/2014)