UEI C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer with EOS Sensor Technology

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UEI C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer with EOS Sensor Technology

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Quick Overview

UEi C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer with EOS uses an electro-optical sensor (EOS) to measure CO2 levels and then uses this value to calculate O2 levels and improves upon the 2X by adding an NO sensor. The EOS sensor uses optical readings that keep the sensor from physical contact with the gas, thus prolonging its life greatly. UEi C157's use of this sensor as well as an extended life CO sensor and elimination of a standard of O2 sensor makes the cost of upkeep on the unit much lower than others. This model includes Flue Probe, IR Printer, (2) K-Type Temp Probes, (2) Static Pressure Hoses, (1) True Draft Probe, Gas Tap and Hose, AC Adapter/Charger, Hard Case, (2) Printer paper rolls, (2) Particle filters, Batteries. Made in United Kingdom. Ground Shipping Free in Continental US. UEi C157 Eagle 3X Review >

Characteristics:  UEI C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer with EOS Sensor Technology
 Measures: Differential flue temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2), flue and ambient carbon
monoxide (CO), differential pressure, battery level, fuel type, and nitric oxide (NO)
 Calculates: Oxygen, gross/net efficiency, excess air, and CO air-free
  Work-light for dark areas
  4-line illuminated display
  Data logs up to 179 readings
  User-adjustable view parameters
  Report hard-copy printouts
  Intuitive DMM style rotary selector
  Durable boot w/integral magnet
  Real-time clock displays time and date
  1 ppm CO readings
  Infrared printer compatibility
Warranty 5 year limited warranty (5 year warranty on sensor)
Includes: C157 analyzer, flue probe, particle filter, hard case, batteries, quick start guide, owner's manual

UEI C157 Combustion Analyzer EAGLE 3X Xtended Life eliminates the number one hassle for combustion contractors; the annual replacement and calibration of the O2 sensor.
UEI C157 Combustion Analyzer takes direct CO2 measurements and calculates the O2 level. Made in UK. Free ground shipping within continental US.

Specifications: UEi C155 Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer with EOS
Flue Temp Range 20~2400°F (-29~1315°C)
Inlet Temperature (probe - T2) 20~2400°F (-29~1315°C)
Inlet Temperature (ambient) 32~112°F (0~50°C)
Net Temperature (ΔT)** 20~2400°F (-29~1315°C)
Resolution 0.1°C/F
Flue (T1, Inlet T2 & ÆT) Accuracy ±(0.3% rdg +3.6°F(2°C))
Inlet Temperature Accuracy ±(0.3% rdg +1.8°F(1°C))
Oxygen 0~21%**
O2 resolution / accuracy 0.1% / ±0.3%
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0~2000 ppm (4000 max 15 min)*
CO resolution / accuracy 1 ppm / ±10 ppm<100ppm, ±5% rdg>100ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0~20%*
CO2 resolution / accuracy 0.1% / ±2%
Efficiency** 0~99.9%**
Efficiency resolution/accuracy 0.1% / ±3%
Excess Air** 0~250%**
Excess Air resolution/accuracy 0.1% / ±3%
CO/CO2 ratio** 0~0.999
CO/CO2 resolution/accuracy 0.001 / ± 5% rdg
Nitric Oxide (NO1)*** 0~100 ppm
NO1 resolution/accuracy*** ±2 ppm <30ppm
±5ppm <100ppm
Range Accuracy
±0.08” wc (±0.2mBar) 2±0.002” wc (±0.005mBar)
±0.4” wc (±1mBar) ±0.01” wc (±0.03mBar)
±32” wc (±80mBar) ±3% rdg
Resolution 0.001” wc < 9.999” wc
0.01” wc >10.00” wc
0.01mBar > 25 mBar
* Measured at STP (standard temperature and pressure)
** Calculated value
*** NO1 sensor installed on C157. Available as an upgrade for C155.
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Technical Specs for UEI C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer with EOS Sensor Technology:

View FileUEi Eagle X / 2X / 3X Data Sheet    Size: (1 MB) UEi Eagle X / 2X / 3X Data Sheet
View FileUEi Eagle / Eagle X / Eagle 2X / Eagle 3X Quick Start Guide    Size: (359.8 KB) UEi Eagle / Eagle X / Eagle 2X / Eagle 3X Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

well built Review by Carl Hopkins

Its nice that UEi puts a rubber boot and magnetic back on their analyzers. Nice to be able to just put the analyzer on a unit and work hands free. Sometimes you need to walk away while a test is running and there is not always a convenient place to put your meter.

(Posted on 9/4/2014)

very effective Review by AireComfort

This unit is very quick and accurate. I have not run into any problems so far.

(Posted on 1/16/2014)

Cant complain Review by KingBud

Great sensor warranty that makes this a no brainer. I do like the backlit LCD display, a small thing, but being a tool i use almost every day it makes a difference to me.

(Posted on 12/12/2013)

Solid unit at good price Review by Rick

Like the design of these uei meters. Easy to use and the sensor is guaranteed forever. Saves tons on replacement.

(Posted on 12/9/2013)