UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Meter with EOS Sensor Technology

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UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Meter with EOS Sensor Technology

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Quick Overview

UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Tester Meter improves on the Smart Bell by adding CO measurement and significantly lowers the cost of owning a combustion analyzer through EOS Technology (Electro-Optical Sensor) which uses optics instead of chemicals to take readings and extends expected sensor life to up to 10 years. The UEi C30 Smart Bell PLUS is a great replacement for technicians currently using a chemical wet kit or a great introduction to combustion analysis. Made in the United Kingdom.  Ground Shipping Free in Continental US. Read UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Review >

Characteristics: UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Tester Meter
  Combustion analysis in real time
  Direct CO2 measurement and no sensor replacement with EOS
  Includes many pre-programmed fuels: Light Oil, Propane, Natural gas, Heavy Oil,
and Wood
Measures: CO, CO2, Temperature
Calculates: O2, Excess Air, Efficiency, Net T
  5 Year Limited Warranty
Includes: Flue Probe, Protective Boot w/ Magnet, Soft Carrying Case

UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Meter with EOS Sensor Technology is designed to help reduce fuel costs, verify proper combustion, and check for safe operation. The UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus features accurate CO, CO2, and temperature measurements, accurate excess air, O2, and efficiency calculations, real-time analysis, 10 year sensor life expectancy, and pre-programmed fuels: light oil, propane, natural gas, heavy oil, and wood.

Specifications: UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Tester Meter
Parameter Range  Resolution Accuracy
Flue Temperature 32-1112˚F (0-600˚C) 1.0˚F ±(2%RDG ±3.6˚F(2˚C))
Net Temperature2 32-1112˚F (0-600˚C) 1.0˚F ±(2%RDG ±3.6˚F(2˚C)
Gas Measurement
Carbon Monoxide (CO)1 1-1999ppm 1ppm ±5ppm <100ppm
±5%RDG >100ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)1 0-30% 0.1% ±0.2%RDG
Oxygen2 0-21.0% 0.1% ±0.3%
Efficiency2 0-99.9% 0.1% ±0.1%RDG
Excess Air3 0-250% 0.1% ±0.2%
Dimensions (approx.) Weight Handset Probe
1Lb 7”x2”x3 1/4” 4” stainless steel shaft
nominal 36” neoprene hose
Ambient Operating range 32-104˚F, 10-90%RH non-condensing,
850-1100mmHg atmospheric pressure
Battery, Battery Life (4) AA, >8hours expected using alkaline AA cells
1Using Dry Gases at STP,  2Calculated,  3Calculated assuming fuel lean combustion
Specs and Videos

Technical Specs for UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Combustion Meter with EOS Sensor Technology:

View FileUEi Smart Bell / C20 / EM151 Combustion Tester Meter Data Sheet    Size: (1.2 MB) UEi Smart Bell / C20 / EM151 Combustion Tester Meter Data Sheet
View FileUEi Smart Bell / C75 / C125 / C127 Combustion Tester Meter Data Sheet    Size: (1.2 MB)

Customer Reviews

simple unit Review by franklin

I wanted to get a simple unit to have around that wasn't too expensive that i could use for quick jobs and checkups. This fits that description well and i could find myself recommending it if someone asked me.

(Posted on 10/6/2016)

nice package deal Review by Robin Mendez

unit works great once you figure out how to operate it. I really like carrying bag instead of the hard case that other products come in. This unit has a lot of functionality for the price.

(Posted on 9/27/2016)

loooong life sensors Review by David Sanchez

This unit works well and i like the use of CO and CO2 sensors to measure and then uses that to calculate the Oxygen %. This gives you way longer sensor life than normal. Very great base analyzer for simple residential work.

(Posted on 9/4/2014)

Personal use Review by CheapSkate

I purchased this unit so I can randomly inspect my own system to make sure everything is up to snuff. I figure it doesnt hurt to brush up on how my system works so I dont get hosed by a furnace guy looking to make some extra money off me. Seems simple to use and the owners manual really explains things quite well.

(Posted on 1/16/2014)

Unique starter Meter Review by TonyRomo4president

I'll be honest, this not the most intuitive unit to use at first. After reading the manual it all makes sense and seems obvious. You select the fuel source before turning the unit on then it is set to that fuel and use it like it normal. Otherwise, a good unit that is letting me get my feet wet in the furnace business.

(Posted on 12/12/2013)

Easy Review by Gary

This little guy is great for basic contract work. Simple to use and takes all the measurements you need for tuning residential furnaces and the like. Good starter meter.

(Posted on 12/9/2013)