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  • AAB Smart Tools
    AAB Automatic Airflow Balancing Inc. is a manufacturer of Smart Tools - a line of HVAC test and balance instruments with the wireless technology. The instruments are small yet accurate, as they register and display the real time measurements. The AAB Smart Tools won the Innovation Award at AHR 2016.
  • AccuTools AccuTools


    The AccuTools line of professional products are designed and manufactured by Core Enterprises Inc., an innovative company providing dependable and cost efficient products for the HVAC&R, Automotive, Industrial and Test and Measurement markets.

    The AccuTools Leak Detectors and Digital Versatile Scales are high quality tools that encorporate state of the art technologies and ergonomic designs to provide reliable and accurate solutions for all your industry needs. All of the AccuTools products are made in the USA.

  • AEMC

    AEMC Special Offer! Buy an AEMC PowerPad III 8435 Waterproof Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer/ Data Logger and Get 4 FREE 18" Waterproof AmpFlex Probes ($1,156 Value!)  Details and Registration Form > 

    Discover the most popular AEMC PEL 102, and PEL 103 Power and Energy Loggers.

    AEMC Instruments is known as the industry leader in current measurement probes, ground resistance testers and insulation resistance testers providing quality and reliability of measurement. The AEMC Instruments was founded in 1893, so with over 100 years of experience in making test and measurement equipment, you can expect the best quality. We recommend exploring the entire product line of AEMC Test Equipment, which includes clamp-on meters, ratiometers, power meters, harmonic power meters, data loggers, lightmeters and numerous other electrical tester tools. 

    AEMC Instruments - Special pricing is available. Just request a Quote by phone 602-795-8292 or by e-mail >


  • Amprobe
    Amprobe Instruments is one of the leading test equipment manufacturers of quality clamp-on ammeters, multimeters (volt/amp/ohmmeters), clamp meters, wire circuit tracers, underground cable locators, power quality analyzers, solar meters, and more. For underground location of cables and pipes we recommend Amprobe AT-3500 Underground Cable and Pipe Locator that find underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes. Amprobe offers an excellent tools for residential/commercial electricians, HVAC/R technicians, utilities and industrial maintenance professionals.
  • Armada Technologies
    • Armada Pro700
    • Armada Pro871C
    • Armada Pro700
    • Armada GFL3000

    Armada Technologies

    Armada Technologies concentrates on test equipment that are used across many industries including irrigation, CATV, telephony, electrical, dog fence, propane, etc. Just about any installation of wiring cand cable can use one of Armada products to diagnose anf fix the problem. Armada Technologies LLC is a privately held corporation based in Caledonia, MI, USA, just south of Grand Rapids. The Armada team has many years of personal experience in underground wire and valve location and irrigation testers. Armada has evolved into a company whose mission is to design, build, and support test and tool devices that meet the specific needs of the professional green and irrigation market. Their way of thinking means you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price. Technical and product selection advisors are available and waiting for your questions.

  • Bacharach
    • Bacharach ECO-2020 Refrigerant Recovery Machine
    • Bacharach Combustion Analyzer
    • Bacharach Chek 500
    • Bacharach Sensors on Sale - click here ...

    Find Bacharach Combustion Gas Analyzers New Promotion!

    Purchase any Fyrite InTech model (excluding part no. 0024-8510), Fyrite INSIGHT Plus or PCA3 combustion analyzer and receive Bacharach FREE Gift: Your choice of: CASH BACK - or - FREE B-SMART SENSOR SUBSCRIPTION. Offer valid throught October 31, 2017. Find Details and Redemption Form here...

    Check out our best-sellers Bacharach 0024-8518 Fyrite Insight Plus and Bacharach 0024-8512 Commercial Combustion Analyzers!

    Technical and product selection team available and waiting for your questions. Chat, call 602-795-8292 or send an email.











  • BI Communications BI Communications

    BI Communications

    BI Communications specializes in cable management tester systems. The company makes cable fault locators, and their prime focus is on hand held TDR (Time Domain Reflectometers). These versatile cable fault locators can be used with any metallic cables; however, they are more accurate with telecom and lan datacom cables, due to their greater quality. BI Communications TDR offer very good fault location precision and economic pricing. All BI Communication testers are made in UK.

  • Byte Brothers

    Byte Brothers

    Byte Brothers is the manufacturer of high quality Network Testing Equipment and Computer Security Products. The Byte Brothers network testers perform certify, troubleshoot and repair LAN hardware and cabling (CAT 3,5,5E,6). The Byte Brothers RWC1000K Real World Certifier for LAN Cables and Networks performs sophisticated speed tests on LAN cables and devices opening a world of testing possibilities. Byte Brothers provides high quality hand held testers for LAN Networks.The New model of Byte Brothers LVPRO
    Low Voltage Pro Cable Tester comes with 3 models web upgradeable. The LVPRO1, LVPRO2, and LVPRO3 Low Voltage Pro Cable Testers work with voice, video, speaker, alarm and data cables. The LVPRO Low Voltage Pro Cable Testers are very accurate, as measurements are based on TDR tests. Compare all three models to see available upgrades. All of the Byte Brothers LAN testers are made in the USA.

  • CPS Products

    CPS Products is a US manufacturer of heating, ventilation and refrigeration test equipment. The company is one of the most distinguished manufacturers of refrigerant recovery machines, vacuum pumps, lead detectors, air flow test tools and other diagnostic meters for professional technicians.  The company has the greatest number of patents and awards in the HVAC business. 

  • Dent Instruments
    • Dent Instruments PowerScout 3 Plus click here...
    • Dent Instruments ELITEpro XC Recording Power Meter click here...

    Dent Instruments - Energy and Power Measurement Solutions

    Special pricing is available. Just request a Quote by phone or by e-mail >

    Dent Instruments Data Logger and energy measurement products are designed for today's energy professionals. The Dent Instruments are often the first step in developing strong energy strategies for maintaining peak operations, and for lowering operating costs. When you need instruments of the highest quality with robust design, small size and remote data acquisition, Dent Instruments may offer you a valuable and economic solution. All Dent Instruments testers are made in the USA.  

    Portable Data Loggers: ELITEpro XC Recording Power Meter
    Electric Submetering: PowerScout 3 Plus, PowerScout 18-D Networked Power Meters - Submeters
    Time-of-Use Loggers: SMARTLoggers - Easy energy performance data monitors for baseline studies, savings analysis and operating schedules
    Current Transformers: Split Core Current Transformers, Clamp On Current Transformers, RoCoils Flexible Current Transformers

    Ask about Dent Instruments Data Loggers or other equipment by calling our Technical Support.

  • Dwyer Instruments Dwyer Instruments

    Dwyer Instruments is a prime US manufacturer of test equipment and test probes. The company has been making test tools from 1931. The Dwyer Instruments makes testing and metering tools and instruments for HVAC, Building Automation, Water and Wastewater industries. The manometers and pitot tubes have gained a world-wide recognition due to their excellent quality and accuracy. The recent addition of HVAC wireless instruments and smart balometer hood is a proof of the innovations taking place at Dwyer.

  • E Instruments

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    E Instruments Combustion Analyzers Special Offer & on Sale!

    With a purchase of E Instruments BTU1500-1 Combustion Analyzer you'll receive FREE upgrades: SMART Incoming Air Temperature Probe, Differential Pressure Kit, Wireless Bluetooth, and New PC Software and AUTOSAVING Real-Time Data logging.

    With a purchase of E Instruments BTU900 or BTU1100 Combustion Analyzer you'll receive FREE upgrades: Wireless Bluetooth, and New PC Software and AUTOSAVING Real-Time Data logging.

    E Instruments is a manufacturer of innovative testers for HVAC professionals. Their product range encompasses combustion analyzers, air velocity testers, ir thermometers, and pressure testers. You will find those testers functional and economic. All E Instruments products are made either in Europe or USA. 

  • Enerac Enerac

    Enerac 500 and 700 Combustion Analyzers are on Sale!

    All of the Enerac combustion and emission gas analyzers are made in the USA. Free ground shipping and Technical Advice.

    Call for Special Price Quote, or send an e-mail >

    Enerac is the leading manufacturer of customizable, portable emission and combustion gas analyzers. Made in the USA since 1979 and headquartered in Holbrook, NY, USA. Enerac is your source for portable hand-held combustion and emission gas analyzers. Enerac gas analyzers are used for a vast array of applications. The most common applications are those related to combustion and emission sources such as boilers, burners, engines, turbines, generators, kilns, dryers, heaters, ovens, just to name a few. Enerac combustion analyzers are perfect for both increasing one's efficiency as well as for gathering extremely accurate and reliable data for internal needs as well as for the necessary emissions reporting requirements found with the local, district, county, state and federal regulatory agencies.

    The Enerac models M500 and M700 can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The Enerac 500 is perfect for testing various combustion sources, such as boilers, burners, engines, turbines, generators, kilns, dryers, heaters and ovens (just to name a few). The Enerac 700 is unmatched in versatility. It is designed to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. The Enerac 700 Is the most accurate, reliable, rugged and affordable multi parameter, compliance level, portable combustion analyzer.

  • EZ Digital
    • EZ- Digital Oscilloscopes click here...

    EZ Digital is a brand manufactured and promoted by UniTech Corporation. Product line includes testers such as: power supplies, oscilloscopes and sweep function generators. Technical and product selection advisors available at 602-795-8292.

  • Extech Extech

    Take advantage of Extech's Deals! Create Easy Member Login.

    NEW! Get 20% off when you buy one of the following Extech test and measurement instruments. Offer valid through  September 30, 2017.

    MG325 - Insulation Tester/Digital Multimeter with Datalogging
    EX205T - 7-Function True RMS Digital Multimeter
    DT500 - 229ft/70m Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth®
    TK430-IR - Industrial Troubleshooting Kit (Digital Multimeter + Clamp Meter + IR Thermometer + NCV Detector)
    RHT30 - USB Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
    TH30 - USB Dual Temperature (Air/External Probe) Datalogger

    Special pricing is available. Just request a Quote by phone, chat or by e-mail Talk to technical and product selection advisors.

  • Fieldpiece
    • Fieldpiece HVAC Clamp Meters and Multimeters  click here...
    • Fieldpiece SDMN6 Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester
    • Fieldpiece SMAN460 4-Port Wireless Digital Manifold

    Fieldpiece Instruments on Sale!

    Fieldpiece Instruments are designed for HVAC/R Technicians. Fieldpiece's mission is to make the HVACR technician’s job easier, faster, safer, and more effective. The benefits of using Fieldpiece instruments is the standardization of tools including: standardization of testing practice. These create fewer calls to the office for support, the largest range of parameters for their employees, and durable instruments for field service. The Fieldpiece instruments include: clamp meters, classic style meters, combustion meters, data loggers, digital manifolds, fieldpacks, flue pumps, leak and gas detectors, manometers, megometers, pocket tools, psychrometers, refrigerant scales, standard instruments, stick meters, superheat and subcooling, tachometers, thermocouples, thermometers, and vacuum gauges. We offer Fieldpiece accessories. For technical and product selection advise please call us or send an email

  • FLIR
    • Flir Bonus Buys - Free Gift


    FLIR Bonus Buys DEALS!

    1) Take Advantage of FLIR Bonus Buys & Save more! Spend over $200 on FLIR products and get rewarded with a FREE FLIR instrument! Offer Valid through December 31, 2017. Learn more ...

    2) Save up to 30% on FLIR CM174 600A AC/DC Thermal Imaging Clamp Meter, FLIR CM72 600A AC True RMS Clamp Meter, FLIR CM74 600A AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter, FLIR CM85 1000A True RMS Industrial Handheld Clamp Meter, FLIR IM75 Insulation and Digital Multimeter. Offer valid through December 31, 2017. Learn more ...   *United States (including Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands) only.

    Discover FLIR C3, FLIR E4, FLIR E5, FLIR E6, and FLIR E8 Infrared Cameras with MSX, Wi-Fi, and other cool features!

    Let us help you to find the right IR camera. Please talk to Certified Thermographer.  We offer Quotes, Price Matching, and Promotions. Chat with us, call 602-795-8292 or send an e-mail.

  • Fluke
    Fluke is a global leading manufacturer of test equipment located in US. Fluke meters are known of their quality, accuracy and innovating solutions presented to a wide range of testing needs. The most popular product groups include, but are not limited to: digital multimeters, clamp meters, infrared thermometers, ground resistance testers, megohmmeters, oscilloscopes and many more. Fluke also makes a wide selection of thermal imaging cameras for building, electrical and industrial applications. Fluke’s tech support is second to none and provides many application material, videos, as well as one-on-one consultations. Try Fluke today for all of your troubleshooting needs.
  • General Pipe Cleaners


    Gen-Eye Pipe and Sewer Inspection Cameras, Gen-Eye Video Borescopes, and Gen-Eye Underground Cable Locators are on Sale!

    Let us help you to find a right tool that fits your needs and budget. Call us or send an e-mail >

    General Pipe Cleaners is the maker of revolutionary drain cleaning systems, Gen-Eye pipe and sewer inspection systems, and locating equipment. All products are of very high quality and mde in the USA. Gen-Eye pipe inspection systems come in 3 various sizes and facilitate inspection and/or recording of pipes between 2 to 8 inches. Gen-Eye systems are ideal for plumbers and home inspectors. Gen-Eye pipe locator features several frequencies, but most importantly comes with 512Hz frequency that is ideal for camera locating in underground pipes.



  • General Tools
    General Tools is one of the most popular manufacturers of tools and test equipment for both professional and hobby use. The company has a very wide selection of inspection borescope cameras, clamp meters, multimeters, air velocity meters, gas detectors including refrigerant combustible CO and other gases, as well as temperature and humidity meters. They have been making meters, testers and tools for over 60 years. General Tools makes affordable tools of good quality.
  • Hobbes Hobbes

    Hobbes Group is a leading global manufacturer for professional test, and measurement equipment since 1985. Hobbes offers Digital Tone and Probe Multi Network Cable Testers, Network Cable Testers, Network Online Status Testers, and more. Hobbes also offers Fiber Testers such as: Visual Fault Locators, Infrared Fiber Testers, LD Light Sources, Fault Locators with OTDR, Fiber Optic Power Meters, Fiber Identifiers. Hobbes offers test equipment for both copper and fiber optic cables. We encourage you to explore their product line.

  • Inficon


    Inficon Test Equipment Now ON SALE!

    INFICON provides world-class instruments for gas analysis, measurement and control.

    INFICON offers a broad range of specialized instruments and software to meet the varying needs of its customers. Included are sensor integration and analysis systems, advanced process control software, mass spectrometers, residual gas analyzers, RF detectors, thin film deposition monitors and controllers, partial pressure controllers, helium, hydrogen and refrigerant gas leak detectors, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves, fittings and feedthroughs; gas chromatographs for petrochemical and alternative fuels applications; and chemical identification and detection equipment for emergency response, environmental health and safety.

    INFICON is headquartered in Switzerland and has world-class manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States and China, as well as subsidiaries in China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    INFICON is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered at the main locations. Many of INFICON instruments are manufactured RoHS compliant. Inficon instruments are made in the USA.

  • JB Industries
    • JB AC Vacuum Pumps on Sale

    JB HVAC Tools are ON SALE!

    JB Industries  is the leading manufacturer of high quality Tools and Accessories for HVAC/R since 1967. The JB Test Equipment is made in the USA.

    JB Platinum Vacuum Pumps Review >

    Quality Products - Support American Workers - Protect the Environment - Economic Benefits

  • Kanomax
    • Kanomax is a manufacturer of high quality instruments

    Special pricing is available. Just request a Quote by phone or by e-mail

    Check out the Kanomax selected models of: Air Velocity Meters > Anemometers > Balometer Capture Hoods > CFM Anemometers > Indoor Air Quality Meters > Particle Counters > Portable Gas Monitors

    Kanomax is a manufacturer of high quality instruments: Air Velocity Meters - Anemometers, IAQ Monitors, Gas Monitors, Dust Monitors, Particle Counters, Cleanroom Contamination Control Instruments, Sound Level Meters, Vibration Meters, Automotive Testing Instruments, Aerosol and Fluid Mechanics Research Instruments. Kanomax is continuously growing due to its engineering excellence in fluid, aerosol/particle, environmental and integrated system measurement technologies. Kanomax provides calibration services for their instrumants. Kanomax’s global (US and Japan) calibration facilities follow national standards and ensure the highest precision measurement for their valued customers. .Kanomax Instruments management and production procedures adhere to these international quality standards. Kanomax is an ISO 9001/ISO14001 certified company. All of the Kanomax instruments are made in Japan.



  • Klein Tools
    • Klein Tools VDV501-809 and VDV526-052 Scout LAN Cable Testers
    • Klein Tools MM500 and MM5000 Autotranging Multimeters for Electricians
    • Klein Tools Clamp Meters click here...

    Klein Tools - Innovative Features and Superior Value - Now on Sale!

    Free Gift Promotion  Be one of the first to know about Klein Tools’ newest products, innovations and special deals.

    Join Klein Tools Loyalty Rewards Program and earn points through Klein Tradesman Club. For more details click here

    Klein Tools was founded in 1857 and is owned by the Klein family. Over 150 years of hard work and dedication has earned Klein the reputation of supplying only the finest quality products for users of professionals hand tools, an occupational protective equipment. and electrical and telecom testers. Klein Voice/Data/Video Tools provide time savings and reliability, especially in high-volume environments. Klein Tools Test and Measurement testers are crafted for optimum durability and functionality. The Klein Tools innovative new line of test and measurement equipment is engineered with the user in mind. It is designed for and by electricians. The Klein Tools electrical testers provide the latest in innovative, time-saving features that professionals require.



  • Mastercool

    Mastercool HVAC Tools are on Sale!

    Mastercool is a USA company that has been supplying professional air conditioning, service tools and equipment for over 25 years. Mastercool’s name is synonymous with “World Class Quality” and uniquely innovative product design. Mastercool designs and makes AC and Refrigeration test equipment and tools for professional technicians.  Many of their tools have been pattented due to their original design.  Mastercool is a truly international company with product distribution in over 60 countries.  Product range includes charging manifolds, ac vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery manchines and stations, refrigerant charging scales, ir thermometers, ac system analyzers, and many more tools. We are adding the Mastercool tools, and if you can't find the tool you are looking for please give us a call or send an email

  • OWL
    • OWL

    OWL Optical Wavelength Laboratories

    Owl Optical Wavelegth Laboratories is the manufacturer of quality optical fiber test equipment. Owl manufactures accurate, user-friendly test equipment that is affordable for everyone. OWL Utilizes industry standards such as TIA, EIA, ISO/IEC, Telcordia standards, and Fiber Optic Test Procedures (FOTPs). OWL test equipment is calibrated to popular industry wavelengths which are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.). OWL’s fiber optic test equipment line includes OSA, PON, OTDRs, Optical Power Meters, ORL Meters, Test Kits, Light Sources, Talk Sets, and VFLs, as well as a range of accessories for cleaning and connectivity. All OWL test equipment comes with a two-year limited warranty, covering manufacturing and assembly defects. Re-calibration is reasonably priced at 50 dollars per unit. Owl Laboratories is located in Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA.

  • Photonix Photonix

    Photonix Technologies

    Photonix is a leding manufacturer of precision, high durability test instruments and accessories for the fiber optic communications. The product line include: optical power meters, laser light sources, fiber talk sets, LED sources, test kits, bare fiber adapters, and fault finders. Photonix Technologies makes instruments for fiber testing in the Telecommunications, Datacom, CATV industries. All test equipment are made in USA.

  • Platinum Tools

    Platinum Tools is a US based manufacturer of the quality installation tools and test equipment for the LAN, Telecom and Electrical technicians. Their product also includes connectors and cable plugs and jacks. They own a patent for the EZ-Snap Jack, which makes cable termination much easier and secure.
    Check out their Comparison Guide for an easier time selecting what you need!

  • Promax
    • Promax HVAC Tools on Sale - click here ...

    Promax RG6000 Refrigerant Recovery Machine Clearance Sale!

  • Radiodetection
    • Radiodetection CAT4 Plus Underground Cable Locator click here...

    Radiodetection CAT4 plus, eCAT4 plus, gCAT4 plus Underground Cable and Pipe Locators and Genny4 Transmitters on Sale!

    Technical and product selection advisors available by a chat, phone or by sending as an e-mail

    Radiodetection Ltd is a global multi-technology company making the next construction project safer, quicker and more cost effective. To prevent accidental damage to underground services when excavating, the utilities worldwide rely on Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools C.A.T. Trenchless products enable pipe-laying companies to direct the drill and so speed installation of utilities. Radiodetection’s underground cable locators quickly locate problems such as breaks or deteriorating insulation.  Radiodetection use the latest digital CCTV in difficult environments to enable water companies to perform regular inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing sewer and other pipes. Recently the Radiodetection introduced the new C.A.T4™ and Genny4™, the next generation of Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools.  




  • Robinair

    Find Robinair New models Robinair RG3 and Robinair RG6 Refrigerant Recovery Machines. 

  • Sauermann
    Sauermann is a very well known and trusted brand of pumps for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration application. The company has more than 40 years of experience in this field. The new line of dataloggers introduces the Sauermann name in the test and measurement sector of the HVAC-R market. The Sauermann data loggers are designed to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 and other ambiental IAQ factors. The HVAC-R technicians and engineers can trust the quality of the Sauremann dataloggers in the same way they have been relying on their pumps, as their products are engineered in Germany and made in various European countries.
  • Schonstedt Schonstedt

    Schonstedt Magnetic Locators, and Underground Cable and Pipe Locators - on Sale!

    Meet New Schonstedt Maggie Magnetic Locator! Highest Sensitivity, Digital Display, and User-Friendly.

    NEW PROMO! Trade-in any old Schonstedt Locator for $150 or any competitors brand and get $225 back with a purchase of Schonstedt new locator. Details and Trade-In Certificate >

    Schonstedt Instrument Company is the manufacturer of excellent quality and precision magnetic locators, underground cable and pipe locators. Schonstedt underground locators are used worldwide to find objects underground and they are utilized by the following industries: Facilities Management, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Residential and Commercial, Transportation, Surveying, Utilities, Telephone, Electrical Power, Cable, Military/Munitions Response, Public Works, Water and Sewer, Construction and Excavation, and Contract Locating. Chat, call, or send us an email our friendly Customer Service for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more.

  • Shimpo Instruments
    • Shimpo Tachometers click here...

    Shimpo Instruments on Sale

    Call our friendly Customer Service or send us an email for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more.

    Shimpo Instruments - A Nidec Group Company is the leading manufacturer of speed, force and torque testing and inspection instrumentation for quality and process control applications in a wide range of industries including automation, printing, textile, medical, pharmaceutical, as well as laboratory research. The Shimpo products are made in Japan.

  • Softing Softing

    Softing WX4500-FA WireXpert - Softing WX4500-MMSM-FA - Softing NetXpert 1400 - Softing 600 CableMaster - Softing 650 CableMaster  - Softing 800 CableMaster - Softing 850 CableMaster

    Softing has been specializing in a design and manufacturing of the data transmission products for over 35 years. In 2014 they acquired Psiber Data GmbH and the test equipment they were making. WireXpert is currently made under the Softing brand. The company is working on developing new products to test data transmission in both copper and fiber optic networks.

  • Subsurface Instruments
    • Shimpo Tachometers click here...
    • Shimpo Tachometers click here...

    SubSurface Instruments Locators on Sale

    SubSurface Instruments manufactures underground and underwater magnetic pipe and cable location equipment, magnetic field measuring and reporting equipment, and water leak detection equipment. SubSurface Instruments offers the highest quality and timely repair services available in the industry, professional customer service and reliability. All of the SubSurface Instruments are made in the USA.

    Call our friendly Customer Service or send us an email for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more.

  • Supco
    • Supco Refrigerant Scales click here...
    • Supco Data Loggers click here...
    • Supco Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

    Supco HVAC/R Instruments - Unlock the Savings

    Supco - Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc. has been making parts and test instruments for the Refrigeration market since 1945. Supco is now one of the prime manufactures of HVAC/R equipment, parts and test instruments in US. Choose from the following categories: Vacuum and Pressure Gauges, Air Quality Meters, Leak Detectors, Refrigerant Scales, Supco Chart Recorders, Temperature and Alarm Controls, Temperature and Humidity Testers, Thermometers, Water Alarms, Multimeters, Current Probes, and Data Loggers.

    The NEW Supco VG640D Dual Input Vacuum Gauge offers: BEST resolution (0.5 Microns); Never replace, easy to clean LIFETIME sensor; Large, backlit display; High and low, audible and visual threshold alarms; Built-in hanger; 2 year warranty.

  • Superior Signal

    Superior Signal is a world renown manufacturer of ultrasonic leak detectors. Superior AccuTrak is a leading brand and a trade mark of this manufacturer. The applications of ultrasonic lead detectors are numerous from detecting vacuum or pressurized leaks to finding worn bearings or leaking valves. The Superior AccuTrak brand is proudly made in the USA.

  • T3 Innovation
    • T3 Innovation NC950 Net Chaser Ethernet Speed Certifier
    • T3 Innovation SS200 Snap Shot Fault Finding Cable Measurement TDR
    • TLA300 Telephone Line Test Set

    T3 Innovation - Special pricing is available! Just request a Quote by phone 602-795-8292 or chat or by e-mail >

    An excellent T3 Innovation series of cable network testers for IT and computer network technicians: CB300/CB350/CB400 Cable Prowler > NP700 Net Prowler, NP750 Net Prowler, NP800 Net Prowler > NC950-AR Net Chaser >

    The NC950-AR Ethernet Speed Certifier is the JDSU Validator Replacement.

    T3 Innovation is the US manufacturer of new technologies for Test and Measurement equipment in the Datacom, Electrical and Telco/Cable industries, OEM Development. The featured testers are: 21 st Century Telco Line Analyzer,  Coax Clarifier, and Snap Shot - Fault Finding TDR. The company T3 Innovation is dedicated to bringing the latest and most effective technology to the world of handheld test equipment. All of the products are made in the USA.

    T3 Innovation Snap Shot Fault Finding Cable Measurement TDR uses the American Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry technology, Snap Shot is the new 21st century tool for cable fault location for every type of cable in any industry. This Advanced Spread Spectrum TDR technology works in all wire environments and is immune to voltage, current, or data stream disruptions.Learn more on Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry technology...

  • Testo
    Testo is a leading test equipment manufacturer for the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning industries. Their product line includes famous combustion analyzers - Testo 310 and Testo 320 - digital charging manifolds, thermometers, wireless smart probes just to mention a few lines of product. Their balometer air capture hood model 420 is the best selling air flow meter used by ventilation technicians and consultants. Testo products are designed in Germany and most of them are made there, as well.
  • TIF Instruments
    • TIF TIFZX and TIFXP-1A Refrigerant Leak Detectors click here...
    • TIF TIF8800X and TIF8900 Combustible Gas Leak Detectors click here...

    TIF Instruments

    TIF Instruments is a global leader in the field of HVAC test equipment. All TIF products are designed and produced to meet the highest quality and industry standards. The majority of the offering is CE approved for compliance with European Union standards and UL Listed or Certified where applicable. TIF brand products are provided in multi-lingual packaging, with 4 or 5 language instructions and are customized for international markets throughout the world. TIF Instruments continues to be on innovative test equipment for Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration service.  Technical and product selection advisors available at 602-795-8292.

  • TPI

    TPI Test Products International Instruments are on Sale!

    Check out our TPI best-sellers: TPI 709, TPI 716, and TPI 717 Combustion Gas Analyzers on Sale!

    TPI Test Product International is the manufacturer of high quality Handheld Test and Measurement Equipment. Their catalog includes: Combustion Efficiency Analyzers, Condition Based Monitoring, Clamp-on Meters (Current), Multimeters (DMMs), Manometers (Pressure), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Combustible Gas Detectors, Contact Temperature Testers, Non-Contact Temperature Testers, Refrigerant Leak Detectors, Oscilloscopes (Handheld), Specialty Testers, Flexflair Leak Proof Flare Fittings, Test Leads and Accessories.

    Technical and product selection advisors available at 602-795-8292.

  • Tramex
    Tramex is a world known manufacturer of moisture meters. The company has an intensive research program, and in fact was an inventor of a first ever non-destructive moisture meter. Their products are designed and made in Ireland. Tramex moisture testers are designed to produce accurate and consistent readings in many applications related to inspection of building envelope. They measure source and extend of moisture related problems or damages to aid work of any professional working with water damage areas in flooring, walls, roofing and indoor air quality. Tramex meters work with specific materials, such as concrete or wood. The quality and accuracy of Tramex meters is outstanding, so even flooring industry leaders like SICA recommend using them, as reference testers. Try one today to improve your testing of water related problems and to save time while troubleshooting problems or making sure you can apply any coatings to concrete safely.
  • Triplett

    TRIPLETT Test Equipment is on Sale Now!

    Triplett is one of the most known US manufacturers of test equipment. It is well known for its Fox & Hound tone and probe kits; however, the company makes a wide range of testers and meters now. Triplett is a leader in Lan Network and Electrical Measurement fields, and it's offer grows every year.

  • TSI Alnor

    Call us at 602-795-8292 for technical, product selection advice, and quotes.

    Take Advantage of TSI Alnor Trade-in Program - Purchase the selected TSI Alnor Instruments and Get a CREDIT for the return of an old unit (TSI or other brand). Learn more >

    We do recommend to all of HVAC professionals explore TSI Alnor Instrument offer. You will be pleasantly surprised by product features, as well as by high accuracy instruments. All TSI Alnor test instruments are made in USA and come with Calibration of Certificate. The company makes a range of velometers, balometers, anemometers, indoor quality meters, ventilation meters, air velocity transducers, particle counters characterized by very high accuracy measurements. 



  • UEi Instruments

    UEi Instruments on Sale Now!

    UEi Instruments is the manufacturer of: clamp-on meters, digital multimeters, combustion gas analyzers, carbon monoxide detectors, ac and refrigeration tools, indoor air quality meters, electronic manometers, combustible gas leak detectors, infrared thermometers, temperature testers, thermometers, humidity and airflow testers, thermo-hygrometers, electrical testers, insulation resistance testers, analog clamp multimeters, and specialty testers. The UEI Instruments is a leading manufacturer of portable testing and measuring equipment for the HVAC, and Electrical industry., located in Portland, OR, USA.  

    Call our friendly Customer Service at: 602-795-8292 or send us an email for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more.

  • UNISOURCE Corporation
    • Unisource PS-3305U and PS-1603 Power Supply

    Unisource Corporation Test Instruments

    Unisource Corporation provides a wide variety of test equipment for the communication and electronic industries. The product line encompasses such products as: ac dc power supplies, universal counters, spectrum analyzer, RF meter, RF signal generator, oscilloscope, sweep function generator, and many others. The Unisource focus is on quality and innovative products combines with economy.  Call our friendly Customer Service at: 602-795-8292 for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more or send us an email >>

  • Veto Pro Pac
    Veto Pro Pac is the manufacturer of the highest quality tool bags and pouches for the professional technicians and tradesman. They utilize a patented center panel with vertical pockets around it. All tool bag and pouches made by Veto are extremely durable.
  • Viasensor


    Viasensor is the leader in gas and humidity analysis equipment to laboratory, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), indoor air quality (IAQ), piped medical gas, PEM fuel cell testing, and many other applications, Viasensor continues to provide innovative solutions with superior service and support. The line of products include: FC Humidity Sensors, Incubator Analyzers, IAQ Analyzers, Medical Analyzers, and Marine Analyzers. Viasensor is an ISO9001:2008 organization focusing on delivering consistent improvements and high quality instruments. All o the Viasensor products are made in UK.  Call our friendly Customer Service at: 602-795-8292 for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more or send us an email >>

  • Wohler

    Wohler Test Equipment on Sale!

    Discover Wohler perfect tools for cleaning dryer vents, flue gas systems, chimneys, ducts and pipes :

    Wohler Mini Viper >  a perfect tool for cleaning dryer vents, flue gas systems, ducts and pipeworks. (Mfg. part no. 8872)
    Wohler Viper M > handy Chimney-Duct-Vent Cleaning Equipment with GRP rod 7mm (Mfg. part no. 7649)

    Wohler Viper L > popular chimney cleaning and sweeping tools (Mfg. part no. 9412)
    Wohler Viper L > another popular chimney cleaning and sweeping tools (Mfg. part no. 9413)
    Wohler Viper M > popular Vent-Duct-Chimney Cleaning Tool with GRP rod 7mm (Mfg. part no. 7648)
    Wohler Viper XL > a perfect tool for cleaning of large chimneys, ducts and pipeworks. (Mfg. part 3 no.3332)
    Wohler Viper XXL > a perfect tool for sweeping and cleaning of large chimneys, ducts and pipeworks (Mfg. part no. 3337)

    Wohler is famous for quality and progressive innovations in the field of combustion analyzers, measuring instruments, visual inspection systems and cleaning equipment for heating, ventilation and facility management applications. Wholer specializes in three main categories: Measurement, and Visual Inspection. All of the Wohler Combustion Analyzers and Video Inspection Cameras are made in Germany. The Wohler Chimney cleaning brushes and Vipers are made in EU.

    Call our friendly Customer Service at: 602-795-8292 for Quotes, Promotions, Technical Advice and more or send us an email >


  • Yellow Jacket
    • Yellow Jacket

    Yellow Jacket HVAC Tools ON SALE!

    Yellow Jacket is the leading manufacturer of HVAC tools such as: Refrigerant Recovery Machines and Systems, Super Evac Vacuum Pump Systems, Charging Systems, Charging Manifolds with Gauges, Electronic Instruments, Leak Monitoring and Portable Detectors. Most of the Yellow Jacket HVAC/R Tools are made in the USA. See their product line for more information.

    Check out the exciting New Yellow Jacket 78052 Dual Port Pressure Manometer. Now on Sale!

    Chat or Call our friendly Customer Service at: 602-795-8292 or send us an email for Quotes, Promotions, and Technical Advice.

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