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AccuTools BluVac LTE Digital Vacuum Gauge
AccuTools BluVac LTE Digital Vacuum Gauge

AccuTools BluVac LTE Digital Vacuum Gauge

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The BluVac LTE is a state-of-the-art digital vacuum gauge with patent-pending technology that delivers the highest accuracy and resolution you expect from AccuTools. The 0 to 25,000 Micron range and 1 Micron resolution is the perfect tool for the HVAC professional.

Key Features:
  • 0 to 25,000 Micron Range with 1 Micron Resolution
  • Built-in Memory remembers previous settings
  • Up to 300 hour battery life
  • 5 selectable vacuum units: Microns, Pa, mBar, mTorr, and mmHg
  • Calibration Self Test - User calibratable without special equipment
  • Ideal for HVAC/R Service and Industrial Uses

The BluVac LTE hvac micron gauge features a rugged, compact design and has an industry leading vacuum accuracy of 5% of reading +/- 5 Microns. The gage is powered by a 9V Battery that lasts up to 300 hours and can be operated in freezing temperatures. Please note, Accutools recommends the use of a lithium battery if using in low temperatures.

This pressure tester has a large high-visibility backlit LCD display that is easy to read, even in the bright summer sun. Besides the digital numeric display, the LTE screen also includes an "analog" vacuum level bar graph for quick viewing the progress of the system.

If the vacuum sensor becomes contaminated by oil vapor other materials the built in Oil Sensor will display "OIL- on th display letting you know it needs to be cleaned. The cleaning process is simple and is covered in the owners manual. Be sure to keep the sensor port covered by the included dust cap when not in use.

Another great feature of the BluVac LTE is the Calibration Self-Test. This test gives you the confidence that the unit is operating properly and is calibrated to factory specifications. The test is done in only 5 simple steps.

  1. Power off the BluVac LTE.
  2. Expose the vacuum sensor to atmospheric pressure.
  3. Press and hold the power button for roughly 5 seconds.
  4. The display will show BluVac Calibration Good Display Icon if the instrument meets factory calibration.
  5. The display will show BluVac needs calibration display if the instrument needs calibration.

If the meter is showing it needs calibration then consult the provided owners manual for the steps involved to calibrate the vacuum gauge. Please note that no special equipment is needed for this process and can be done by the technician.

The BluVac LTE includes the following:

  • Micron Gauge
  • Detachable Swivel Hook
  • 9V Battery
  • Instruction Manual

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