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AccuTools TruBlu Starter Kit Professional Vacuum Evacuation Set
AccuTools TruBlu Starter Kit Professional Vacuum Evacuation Set

AccuTools TruBlu Starter Kit Professional Vacuum Evacuation Set

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AccuTools TruBlu Vacuum Hoses Starter Kit

The Best Vacuum Hose.

The AccuTools TruBlu Evacuation Kit includes (1) hose with an internal diameter of ¾” that deliver 16 CFM of conductance speed at 1000 microns. These hoses are a game changer for HVAC techs looking to increase efficiency and quality of their vacuum. The hoses will evacuate 80x faster than a ¼” internal diameter hoses and up to 6x faster than other “vacuum rated” hoses used today. Accutools trublu vacuum hoses are the best buy for HVAC service technicians now.

Key Features

  • (1) hose with an ¾” internal diameter and ultra-smooth bore for fast evacuation
  • Hoses evacuate 80x faster than standard ¼”
  • Polymer blend to ultimate performance
  • Patent pending KF fittings specifically designed for vacuum tight connections
  • Rugged construction resistant to abrasion and crushing using flexible wire reinforced PVC


The TruBlu evacuation kit feature innovative construction using a flexible wire reinforced PVC that won’t kink or collapse, but is extremely tough, with an ultra-smooth large bore that reduces flow loss. The hoses are resistant to abrasion and crushing and can be knocked back to round if accidentally flattened. A technician can expect years of reliable service as the hoses have a UV compound designed to withstand all type of weather conditions.

In addition, AccuTools vacuum kit utilize proprietary polymer blend for their hoses provides low air permeation, water vapor adhesion, and out gassing designed to provide the ultimate vacuum service for HVAC/R technicians.

Exclusively for Vacuum

TruBlue hoses are dedicated evacuation hoses and should never be used as refrigeration transport hoses or for positive pressure application. The oils used in refrigeration applications have an affinity for moisture. Moreover, oil coating the hose lining significantly impacts the evacuation speed due to desorption of moisture which occurs in vacuum. In addition, oils and contaminants will line the hose absorbing moisture making a fast and deep vacuum almost unattainable.

Simply the Best Evacuation System

The efficiency and quality of the evacuation is dependent on the equipment used in the process. The TruBlu hoses use the same robust technology found in industrial and scientific applications but are engineered to meet the demands of the HVAC/R field use and applications.

One Hose for All Vacuum Applications

The Patent Pending KF (Quick Flange fittings) are specifically designed for the HVAC use and can be configured in the field for pump and service valve connections from ¼”, 3/8” to even ½” fittings (even those with 90-degree adapters). All equipment from the core tools to the core depressors have been precisely engineered to assure vacuum tight connections for optimal HVAC use. Realistically all mechanical fittings leak, however, TruBlu fittings and hoses can achieve leak rates so low that vacuums of 20 microns at the hose ends are easily possible even with the smallest vacuum pumps.

Bigger Size Better Results

You’ve invested in a 3CFM or larger pump, but are still using a ¼” hose to perform the evacuation. Stop! Size does matter! That smaller hose can reduce your flow down to 0.7 CFM. If you want more flow, you need a bigger hose. If time and quality are important, it’s time to go with a faster flow and get TruBlu hoses.

What’s in the Box?

  • (1) TruBlu Hose (1 meter)
  • Stainless Steel Clamp
  • Aluminum Clamp
  • Replacement O-Rings (4)
  • Adapter KF-16 to 1/4 FFL
  • Adapter KF-16 to 3/8 FFL
  • Adapter KF-16 to 1/2 FFL
  • Core Removal Tool
  • Carrying Case

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