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Amprobe AT-6020 Advanced Wire Tracer Finder of Electrical Circuits Breakers and Fuses

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Amprobe AT-6020 wire tracer is a new and revolutionary instrument, which traces energized and de-energized wires, as well as identifies breakers and fuses with extreme accuracy.  Amprobe AT-6020 uses four tracing modes: quick scan wire tracing, precision wire tracing, breaker identification and non-contact voltage detection.

Key Features:

  • Quick Scan Wire Tracing for fast wire detection from a longer distance
  • Precision Wire Tracing for accurate wire or fault location behind wall, floors and ceilings
  • Breaker Identification with automatic sensitivity adjustment for easy location
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection to identify energized circuits

What sets Amprobe AT-6020 apart from other wire tracers?

1. Digital discrimination of false signals. 

When you have multiple conductors running close to one another the signal from traced wire bleeds over to neighboring conductors.  The wire tracers from Amprobe at-6000 series eliminate all signals coming from adjacent wires, and points out to one you are searching for. 

A user does not have to make a judgement call lead by false positives, but is pointed to wire being traced or breaker searched for. This is a great time saver for all electricians.

2. Use of two frequencies 6 kHz and 33 kHz for wire and breaker tracing.

Open conductors or wires with breaks are traced better, when 33 kHz frequency is used.  Shorted conductors with current on them require 6 kHz frequency for accurate tracing.  Amprobe wire tracer switches frequency automatically, when it recognized power or no power in a circuit, increasing accuracy of tracing.

3. Power icon aids to find correct breaker.

The AT-6000 not only eliminate false signals, but confirms finding correct breaker with this feature.  Simply turn the breaker off, when you find it, and the red icon in the upper left corner of LCD screen will change from red to black, just to confirm you identified correct breaker.

4. Simplicity of use.

Electronics employed in the Aprobe AT-6020 instrument help you to navigate through the process of wire tracing or breaker location.  A big green arrow comes on the receiver screen only, when it finds the object you are searching for, not causing false alarms of misleading you.  In addition, the signal transmitter have two levels of power to further aid locating wires and breakers.

5. Tip Sensor.

Pointed tip with a sensor in it makes it easier to trace wires in tight or hard to reach places, as well as to identify voltage in conductors.

The AT-6020 kit comes with:

AT-6000-R receiver
AT-6000-T transmitter
12  batteries
Carrying case
Instruction manual
Warranty:  1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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