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Amprobe ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit
Amprobe ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Receiver

Amprobe ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit

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Amprobe ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit

The Amprobe ULD-410 is an ultrasonic leak detector that allows a service technician to quickly and easily locate air leaks in the most noisy and challenging environments. Combining the ULD-410 advanced filtering technology with its wide ultrasonic frequency range of 20 kHz to 90 kHz provides the most comprehensive leak detection for a wide variety of application such as critical air systems, pneumatic valves, steam and gas lines, ventilation ducts as well as braking systems on trains and trucks. The ULD-410 kit includes the receiver, headphones, and additional accessories.  If you need a transmitter, check out Amprobe model ULD-420.

Key Features
  • 20 kHz to 90 kHz frequency range: optimal range for detecting a variety of leaks
  • 3 filters to remove main noise frequencies in noisy environments
  • 2.5” LCD display with bar graph
  • Adjustable Receiver sensitivity
  • Quality headphones to help identify the source of the leak
  • Parabola accessory directs the ultrasound towards the sensor
  • Detachable Tubular Extension provides additional reach in hard to reach areas

Noise is always generated when pressurized systems leak. Ultrasonic leak detectors detect the ultrasonic sound of a leak. Large leaks emit a hissing sound that is usually easy to hear from several feet away.  However, smaller leaks also emit sound, but the frequency is too high for our ears to detect it. The ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector detects the ultrasonic frequency sound and converts it into an audible range helping you to pinpoint the source where the leak, vibration or discharge comes from.

Compressed gas is so extensively used its often regarded as the fourth utility, after electricity, natural gas, and water.  Although compressed air is safer, more flexible to use, and the equipment using it lighter weight, it is more expensive than electricity. Air and Gas leaks represent a significant source of wasted energy in an industrial environment. So without regular leak inspections, industries and facilities using compressed air or gas could be losing hefty amount of money through the loss of energy. So finding and fixing any leaks is important to improve energy efficiency as well as saving money.

The ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector includes the receiver unit which shows the strength of the leak with a bar graph on the large 2.5” LCD screen and identifies the source of the leak when listening to the converted audible sound transmitted through the headphones.

Locating leaks in noisy environments

Running machinery, motion sensors or other equipment might generate strong ultrasonic noise in some situations. These sounds will cause the receiver to read the maximum signal strength on the display regardless of the sensitivity settings and make it unusable for detecting leaks. However, the ULD-410 receiver is equipped with a Filter function to deal with these kinds of situations. Simply pressing the Filter button and the receiver will automatically detect up to three main noise frequencies and filter them out.

Pinpointing leaks visually and audibly

The ULD-410 bar graph on the large LCD screen will indicate proximity to the source of the leak when scanning a target area with the Receiver’s microphone sensor. In addition, when you plug the headphones into the receiver you will hear the leak to verify its source. The specific sound quality of each type of emissions is heard in the headphones while the intensity of the signal is observed on the display panel. For example, air leaks will produce more of a hissing sound while electrical discharge manifests in a ticking sound.

What’s in the Box?

  • ULD-400-R Receiver
  • Headphones
  • Earbud (for hard hat use)
  • PB-1 Power Parabola
  • TEA-1 Flexible Tubing Adapter
  • TE-1 Tubular Extension
  • CC-ULD-400 Hard Carrying Case
  • 4 X AA Batteries
  • User manual
  • One year warranty from date of purchase

Related Product:
Amprobe ULD-420 includes both the receiver and transmitter.

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