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Armada Pro700 Wire Locator and Valve Locator
Armada Pro700 Wire Locator and Valve Locator

Armada Pro700 Wire Locator and Valve Locator

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Armada Pro700 Underground Irrigation Wire and Valve Locator is designed to track irrigation wires, find missing valves, and detect cut or damaged underground cabling. Armada Pro 700 is an ideal wire locator for landscape contractors, who want to have quality full-featured instrument, but not too expensive.

Key Features:

Advanced electronic circuitry to minimize 50-60hz AC noise for a clearer, cleaner sound
Analog meters for easy viewing of power levels on the transmitter and receiver
A 27-inch receiving wand
Battery transmitter power
Tracks irrigation wires, finds missing valves and detects damage or cuts to vulnerable underground cabling
Simplifies wire and valve location by transmitting an easy-to-follow beeping signal tracked by the extended receiver
Perfect for irrigation contractors and maintenance personnel

The Armada Pro700 wire and valve finder comes with extra-long 27” wand that make locating easier, external speaker, easy-to-read display, and user-adjustable power output and reception levels.

Advanced electronics in this wire and valve locator minimizes AC noise, or so called hum making locating sound clear and easy to follow.  A special signal feature changes it’s pitch to higher, when you encounter a buried or lost valve.

How do you trace wires with Armada Pro700?

 First, connect red lead wire to a cable you are tracing, and black lead wire to a ground stake, and turn the instrument on.  Then, just follow beeps (locating signal) with a receiver wand looking at visual meter or listening to a speaker sound.  

This is really a simple process – just go to the next Video tab and watch the recording there.

Armada Pro 700 locator comes with:
Custom Molded Case
Uses 8 D Cell batteries (not included)
AC Noise Elimination Circuit
Pro700R Receiver
Pro700T Transmitter/Carrying Case
Pro700ST Ground Stake
Transmitter/Carrying Case
Pro-H1 Headset
Pro700CS Cordset
User Guide
Detachable Connection Cord
Manufacturer’s Warranty – 1 Year

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