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Armada Technologies Pro48 Irrigation Solenoid Tester
Armada Technologies Pro48 Irrigation Solenoid Tester

Armada Technologies Pro48 Irrigation Solenoid Tester

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Armada Technologies Pro48 Irrigation Solenoid Tester is designed to test, verify, and identify solenoid, wire, and clock problems.  The Armada Pro48 is a multi-function tool used by irrigation and landscape contractors, as well as maintenance personnel.

Key Features:

  • Test solenoids by activating and keeping them open (including DC latching)
  • Finds lost or buried solenoids via activating chatter feature
  • Tests clocks for proper 24V AC via power check
  • Generates tracing tone to trace wires (optional tone tracer)
  • Test wires for shorts and opens

The irrigation system works based on 24 V AC power sent through wires to of its components. The Armada Pro48 tester checks all of the components one by one via easy to understand LED system.
The Armada irrigation solenoid tool checks controller, then wires and solenoid, finding which of those three parts failed. The Armada multi-function tool also test for opens and shorts, helping to determine a reason for the irrigation system failure.

The chatter box function of Pro48 irrigation solenoid tester activates solenoids, so they start to click or produce chatter sound.  This feature helps to find lost or buried solenoids.

Armada Pro48 tool generates 1 kHz traceable signal.  This tone can be traced with optional tone tracer.  The other tool made by Armada – Pro48 Kit – comes with the tone probe (Pro210F).

This is the most useful tool for easy troubleshooting of irrigation systems to quickly determine causes of its malfunctioning. Fast diagnosis leads to a job done quickly; therefore, it increases profitability for irrigation or landscape contractors.

Armada Pro48 box includes:

  • Instrument
  • User’s Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty – 1 Year

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