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Bacharach Monoxor XR High CO Analyzer Reporting Kit 0019-8120
Bacharach Monoxor XR High CO Analyzer

Bacharach Monoxor XR High CO Analyzer Reporting Kit 0019-8120

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Bacharach Monoxor XR High CO Analyzer Reporting Kit 0019-8120

The Bacharach Monoxor XR 0019-8120 is a hand-held gas analyzer for measuring high CO in forklifts, propane burnishers, propane grinders, and other small engines burning propane, gasoline, diesel, LPG, and CNG for safety testing, engine tuning for maximum efficiency, as well as achieving compliance with OSHA air quality regulations. The portable gas analyzer can be used in both commercial and industrial applications to display concentrations of CO gas between 0 and 80,000 ppm in both ambient room air and in the exhaust stream of fossil-fuel fired combustion systems. The Monoxor XR 19-8120 is also part of the Bacharach B-Smart sensor program which allows customers to regularly receive pre-calibrated replacement sensors to minimize downtime and maintenance cost. The Monoxor XR High CO Analyzer Reporting Kit 0019-8120 includes the gas analyzer with the B-Smart CO sensor, standard 12” probe, IrDA printer, PC software, USB Cable in a hard case.

Key Features

  • Measures CO in ambient air and exhaust gas up to 80,000 ppm
  • Automatic CO alarm
  • Graphical and standard display screens
  • Pre-calibrated B-Smart Sensors
  • IrDA printer
  • Two-year warranty


A hand-held gas analyzer performs as a diagnostic and maintenance tool to quantify how efficient an engine is running by measuring the carbon monoxide. Better combustion efficiency will result in cleaner combustion, decreased fuel consumption, reduced equipment maintenance, and optimized the forklift or engine’s performance while reducing operating costs. Measuring the engines exhaust gases allows for accurate emissions monitoring for regulatory compliance and to quantify the equipment’s carbon footprint.

The Bacharach 19-8120 portable gas analyzer operates with a simple run/hold procedure that allows you to view the real-time carbon monoxide reading in graphical or standard format. After performing the test, results may be saved to the analyzer’s internal memory (100 records), printed using the IrDA printer, and / or shared via the companion Combustion App which can be downloaded on Google Play or the APP Store. The Combustion App allows you to save customer records and easily send customized reports to your customer.

The analyzer’s built-in motorized pump draws in a gas sample from the area being tested to analyze for the presence of CO. If CO is detected, the CO ppm is shown on the analyzer’s main display. A trending screen shows dynamic CO levels graphed over a programmable time period (30 seconds to 15 minutes). In addition to the visual notification, a user can also set a CO alarm limit and an audible alarm buzzer will beep repeatedly.

The backlight on the LCD enables the operator to read the display even in dimly-lit areas. A permanent record of the detected CO level, along with the current time and date, can be made by using the wireless IrDA printer. The test records can also be saved in the memory.

The ambient CO test takes approximately 15-minutes to complete and provides a minute-by-minute snapshot of CO readings, as well as a “Max CO” value that represents the highest CO reading measured during the entire test. These results can be saved to memory and/or printed out.

Propane-powered forklifts are common in many industrial operations and warehouses. There’s a widespread belief that propane is a clean burning fuel and propane-powered equipment is safe. Although propane-powered forklifts offer many advantages over gasoline or diesel-powered equipment, they can produce dangerous toxins like carbon monoxide if not properly maintained and controlled.

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, yet very toxic. Depending on the equipment and the operating environment, CO levels can rapidly rise and reach dangerous levels. A CO rich environment can lead to headaches, lethargy, and dizziness, loss of conscious, and even death. CO is slightly lighter than air and therefore tends to follow air currents, vehicles, and people in the workspace until it is removed by ventilation.

Many small engine equipment and trucks have internal combustion engines that burn propane, natural gas, diesel, or other fossil fuels. The portable Monoxor 0019-8120 XR gas analyzer is a valuable tool to improve combustion efficiency and maximize fuel savings, identify and quantify sources that can be detrimental to the safety and comfort in the work environment, and measure and reduce harmful emissions in forklifts or other engines’ exhaust gas.

What’s in the Box?

  • Monoxor XR 
  • 12” probe
  • IrDA wireless printer
  • PC Software
  • USB Cable
  • Four disposable AA alkaline batteries
  • Protective carrying case
  • Two-year warranty including sensor

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