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Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Dual Port Manometer Probe Kit with Job Link Connectivity for Measuring Static, Gas and Draft Pressure
Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Dual Port Manometer Probes

Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Dual Port Manometer Probe Kit with Job Link Connectivity for Measuring Static, Gas and Draft Pressure

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Fieldpiece JL3KM2 Dual Port Manometer Probe Kit for Job Link System

The Fieldpiece JL3KM2 is an accurate and versatile dual port manometer probe kit that includes two manometer probes that work independently and are not constrained by any hoses to measure return static, supply static, and total external static pressure all at once. In addition, these probes can also be used to measure the draft and gas pressure of a furnace. These measurements can be viewed in real-time in the Fieldpiece Job Link App on a smart device from up to 350’ away.

Key Points

  • All-in-one static, gas, and draft pressure
  • Individual pressure readouts give you
  • P1, P2, and pressure differential in real-time
  • No hoses to get in the way
  • Reliable pressure regardless of location
  • Measure real-time pressure drops
  • Find inlet and outlet pressure drops
  • Switchable P1-P2 indicators
  • Job-Link System App compatible
  • Easy zero to atmosphere


You can take a pressure reading from precise locations on any system without worrying about a hose. The JL3KM2 manometers use independent sensors allowing for direct placement on test ports. Before each job, for measurement accuracy, it is best to zero the probes out by lightly tapping the power button. From gas pressure of residential furnaces to the total external static pressure on commercial air handlers, a service technician has the versatility needed to easily get the job done.

Measure real-time pressure drops between blowers, filters, and coils with multiple probes. The Job Link app will even show measurement readings from different probes in the same cell. A technician will be able to read up to 8 measurements at once from different probes using the Job Link App. These probes can be additional manometers or the pipe clamp, pressure, or psychrometer probes in the Fieldpiece JL3KH6 or JL3KR4 kits for a complete system analysis.

The static pressure tips come with a magnetic back and a short tube for accurate static pressure measurements. The static pressure tips should be pointing towards (parallel) the airflow of the stream for best measurement. The Fieldpiece static pressure magnetic holder has a red arrow so you know which way to point the tips for an accurate measurement.

The powerful rotating magnet on the back of the manometer allows you to mount the manometer to equipment for hands-free use in cramped spaces and even holds tight when the hose is tugged or the equipment shakes. Slide the switch on the manometers and the app immediately knows which side of the system you’re going to place your manometer probe.

The probes will automatically power off after 2 hours. The APO can be disabled if desired. It is time to replace the batteries when the LED slow-blinks RED.

Static Pressure

Static pressure is the resistance to airflow (friction) caused by the air moving through a pipe, duct, hose, filter, hood slots, air control dampers or louvers. In other words, it is the pressure a fan must overcome to move air through ducts, as needed for heating, ventilation, and cooling. Static pressure and airflow are the two main aspects that determine the operating point of a fan, as well as power consumption.

High static pressure indicates a problem with your HVAC equipment and ductwork. This means something is putting undue stress on your system and it will work a whole lot better if you identify the problem and eliminate it.

High static pressure can have several possible causes. Diagnosing the issue often requires measuring the static pressure at two or more locations in the system to help narrow down where the resistance is occurring.

Low static pressure can also mean trouble. Low pressure may indicate leaking ductwork or plenums, missing filters, low fan speed, or separated ductwork.

It is important to check a system for the proper static pressure and correct it because otherwise, it could result in some very serious problems like high energy bills, blower motor blow-out, and compressor failure. In the long run, by taking the static pressure measurements it can save your customer money on their energy bills and help the system to be more effective and reliable.

Gas pressure

Gas pressure, both inlet and outlet, are important for the proper operation of any heating system. If the gas pressure is too low, it will cause rough ignition, incomplete and inefficient combustion, and incorrect fan control response. An excessively high manifold pressure may cause the burners to overfire the heat exchanger. Overfiring the heat exchanger not only reduces the life of the component, but it also may result in repeated cycling of the burner on the high limit control. The JL3KM2 includes 2 brass adapter that can be used to screw directly into the gas regulator taps to measure the pressures.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 x Manometer probe
  • 2 x Static Pressure Probe and Hose
  • 2 x Brass Screw Fitting with extra hose
  • 2 x Slide Gas adapter
  • Padded case
  • One-year warranty

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