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  4. Fieldpiece SC480 Wireless TRMS Power Clamp Meter CAT IV 600V - CAT III 1000V - Works with Job Link App
Fieldpiece SC480 Wireless TRMS Power Clamp Meter CAT IV 600V - CAT III 1000V - Works with Job Link App
Fieldpiece SC480 Wireless TRMS Power Clamp Meter

Fieldpiece SC480 Wireless TRMS Power Clamp Meter CAT IV 600V - CAT III 1000V - Works with Job Link App

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Fieldpiece SC480 Wireless TRMS Power Clamp Meter for HVACR

Direct integration with Job Link System App

The Fieldpiece SC480 is a mid-sized TRMS Wireless Power Clamp Meter with direct integration with the Job Link System App and packed with all the essential features service technician need to install, service, and troubleshoot any HVACR system. The SC480 clamp meter is ideal for obtaining electrical measurements on mini splits and includes Molex tips for hard-to-read circuitry. A low pass filter provides reliable voltage readings on variable frequency drives (VFDs) as well as tests three-phase power lines with two leads, and maintains wireless connection directly to a mobile device at 115 feet. The clamp meter has a safety rating of CAT IV at 600 V and CAT III for 1000V.

Key Features

  • Great for mini-splits
  • Real-time measurements
  • Verify 3-phase rotation with two leads
  • Safety rated CAT IV- 600V / CAT III – 1000V
  • True TRMS and Low pass Filter for VAC/Hz
  • Measures Power (kW)
  • Used on variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Test Diodes and Resistance up to 50MO
  • Molex test leads for small circuitry


The SC480 TRMS clamp meter is great for troubleshooting mini-split systems. By utilizing the RCT2 Molex probe tips you are able to reach those cramped mini-split connectors to measure voltage and resistance. In addition, you can measure frequency directly with the clamp jaw.


                                   Test 3-Phase Power with only two leads                                                             Molex test leads

The clamp meter will also help determine system efficiency by directly measuring power consumption (kW) of a system. This can be helpful to provide your customers with this information and ways they can implement energy saving measures to lower their energy bills.

You can take more accurate VAC and AAC readings on variable frequency drives with the True RMS sensing technology and measure the starting amp draw of a compressor with Inrush current mode. One of the most failure prone components in an HVACR system is the capacitor. The capacitance test allows a service technician to test questionable motor start and run capacitors to determine when a capacitor needs to be replaced.

The SC480 can be attached to any metallic surface with the heavy duty magnet hanger allowing hands free work and the big dual backlit display makes it easy to see both voltage and amperage readings at the same time. You also have the ability to take measurements more safely with one hand using the single test lead holder.

One of the safety features on the SC480 is the high voltage warning which includes a warning symbol on the display, an audible beep, and a red LED will light up.

A service technician can connect directly with the Job Link app to document all electrical measurements. The SC480 can also be paired with the SM380V or SM480V manifolds, SRS3 wireless scale, and other Job Link Probes and accessory heads to receive and document a complete system snapshot in the app.

What is in the Box?

  • SC480
  • ATB1 Thermocouple
  • ASA2 Gater Clip Leads
  • ADLS2 Silicone Leads
  • ANC12 Padded Case
  • RCT2 Molex Tips
  • 1 Velcro Strap
  • 9V Alkaline Battery (Not installed)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty – one year from date of purchase

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Check out the Fieldpiece SC680 Wireless Power Clamp Meter.

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