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Fieldpiece SCM4 Handheld Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector
Fieldpiece SCM4 Handheld Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector

Fieldpiece SCM4 Handheld Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector

Part Number: SCM4
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Fieldpiece Carbon Monoxide Detector SCM4 is capable of conducting real-time measurements while walking an area. The Fieldpiece SCM4 can quickly calibrate to ambient air, has audible and visual alarms when CO levels are over the set limit. The Fieldpiece SCM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector is an excellent tool for air quality measurement, building, and home safety.
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Fieldpiece SCM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector With Field Replaceable CO Sensor

Get real-time results

The Fieldpiece SCM4 is a handheld digital carbon monoxide detector (CO) with a fast reacting sensor providing real time measurements while walking an area. This carbon monoxide detector with both visual and audible alarms is a must for anyone working with fuel-burning appliances to determine the level of CO in the air.

Key Features

  • Instant response to CO levels
  • 0-1000 ppm CO measurement
  • Field replaceable CO sensor
  • Calibrate to ambient air quickly with the ZERO button
  • Audio/visual alarms with mute
  • Fast electro-chemical sensor
  • Magnetic hanger for hands free


The features of the Filedpiece CO meter SCM4 include field-replaceable CO sensor; advanced three-pin sensor that measures 0-1000 ppm CO; calibrate / zero the SCM4 to ambient air quickly with the ZERO button; audio and visual alarms with mute; easily read backlit dual display with MAX and real-time measurements displayed; a magnetic holder for hands-free operation and auto power-off (APO).

The Fieldpiece SCM4 carbon monoxide detector can instantly respond to changes in CO levels. To start a walk-around test you start by zeroing the detector outside in fresh air. You are now ready to enter a building and walk around the structure monitoring for any levels of CO. By watching the display Fieldpiece CO detector scm4, you will be able to see any changes in CO from the outside to the inside. By constantly going toward the highest concentration, you can determine the source of the CO. Once the source is located, you can design a plan on how best to resolve the situation.

Why is a carbon monoxide detector important?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you. Household appliances such as gas fires, boilers, central heating systems, water heaters, cookers, and open fires which use gas, oil, coal and wood may be possible sources of CO gas. All of these appliances should be vented to the outside to avoid a buildup of carbon monoxide in a room. The carbon monoxide is a by-product of combustion and happens when the fuel does not burn completely.

When the gas builds up in enclosed spaces, people or animals who breathe it can be poisoned. The symptoms for carbon monoxide poisoning range from headache, dizziness, and nausea for low levels of CO poisoning to vomiting, mental confusion, and loss of consciousness in high levels of CO poisoning. To prevent the leakage of CO gas, keep appliances in good working order, and use them safely. In addition, having these appliances serviced regularly by a qualified and registered professional can be very helpful in avoiding the dangers of CO poisoning.

What’s in the Box?

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • 9V Battery (installed)
  • Operator’s manual

Replacement Sensor for the SCM4:

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