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Flir E8 Infrared Camera with MSX Technology 76800 Pixels and WiFi
Flir E8 Infrared Camera with MSX Technology 76800 Pixels and WiFi

Flir E8 Infrared Camera with MSX Technology 76800 Pixels and WiFi

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Flir E8 Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX Technology 320x240 76800 Pixels and Wi-Fi is the fourth entry in Flir's new line of point and shoot infrared cameras that establish a new standard for their class with MSX, allowing digital camera details to be embedded into thermal images for enhanced reporting and image clarity.

Key Features:
  • Small camera with professional features – hot and cold spot measurement, emissivity control, data storage, Wi-Fi to share images and reports.
  • Clear and crisp resolution and image quality – 76,800 pixels and MSX technology enhanced images.
  • One button operation and navigation – take pictures, browse through menus with just one button for your convenience.
  • Compact design 20 oz., and tough construction, as it withstands 6 feet (2M) drop.

The Flir E8 is designed with excellent thermal resolution at 320x240 pixels, a convenient focus-free lens, a -4°F to 482°F temperature range, direct Wifi integration for easy picture sharing, area hot and cold spots, picture-in-picture and a speedy 9Hz refresh rate.

The Flir e8 thermal imager comes with many professional features, such as hot/cold spot measurement and picture-in-picture.  The Flir infrared camera stores fully radiometric images, and also transmits them via Wi-Fi to smart phones or tablets.  The Flir Tools app allows for creating and sharing professional reports.

The e 8 camera comes with a resolution of 320 x 240 yielding 76,800 pixels and thermal sensitivity of <60 mK for viewing crisp images.  The image quality is further improved by MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology, which etches visible image details onto thermographic images, hence enhancing visibility and identification of problem areas
The flir E8 operation is very easy, as you can do it with one hand pressing one button to either take pictures or change set up features on the camera.  The infrared camera is rugged, as it withstands a 6 feet drop, and lightweight, as it weighs only 20 ounces. 

Flir e8 thermal imager is the best point and shoot infrared camera, whenever it comes to employing thermal imaging technology for preventive maintenance purposes, either electrical, heating or cooling, mechanical or building related issues.

What is a difference between Flir E6 and E8 cameras?

Flir E6 comes with higher resolution 76,800 pixels vs. 19,200 on E6.  The 4 times better resolution dramatically improves image quality, so more details are visible on thermal images.

Flir E8 box includes:
  • Thermal Camera
  • Hard Case
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply/Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty coverage on camera, 5 years on batteries, 10 years on detector

Other models employing MSX technology, but with higher resolution include:
Flir E4
Flir E5   
Flir E6

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