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Flir MR160 Thermal and Moisture Imaging Camera
Flir MR160 Thermal and Moisture Imaging Camera

Flir MR160 Thermal and Moisture Imaging Camera

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Flir MR160 Thermal and Moisture Imaging Meter is a truly advanced moisture meter with a built-in thermal camera to help the user discover and pinpoint exactly where to measure.  MR160 is an ideal tool for moisture remediation companies, flooring contractors, as well as for home inspectors.

Key Features:

  • Fast Troubleshooting – identify and verify: scan the area for moisture problems with wide angle (51 degree) thermal camera, then pinpoint to the source of a leak with pinless or contact moisture probe.
  • Durable and Portable Instrument – rugged design and compact size are the cornerstones of portability and long life of MR160.

The Flir MR160 thermal camera and moisture meter is equipped with fast acting 9 Hz Lepton sensor that enables the instrument to display good quality images adjusting quickly to a movement, when you scan a wall or any other object for moisture content.  The IGM – infrared guided measurement – with 60 x 80 resolution factor has an ability to generate images for your review during inspection.

The quality of images is good, so you can see areas with moisture ingress; however, you need to remember this is not a full blown infrared camera and images are there to guide you or help you identify problem areas.  Pinless moisture sensor (non-invasive) or pin-type attachment (invasive probe), then help you to verify moisture presence, as well as read percentage content of moisture in the problem area.

The Flir MR160 imaging moisture meter has a single laser pointer showing where the center of an image is.  The large color TFT display shows water ingress areas and has color moisture alert to further facilitate scanning process.  Moisture readings are also displayed on the screen.

The Flir thermal camera moisture meter comes with rechargeable batteries for convenient use (last up to 18 hours).  The Flir Tools software allows all users to generate reports and review images.

Flir MR160 thermal imager and moisture meter is an excellent troubleshooting tool to identify fast moisture ingress areas, and then verify moisture content in order to pinpoint to a source of possible leak.

Flir MR160 box contains:
Pin probe
Instruction Manual
Warranty - 2 year product warranty, 10 year thermal detector warranty

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