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Fluke 62 Max IR Laser Thermometer
Fluke 62 Max IR Laser Thermometer

Fluke 62 Max IR Laser Thermometer

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The Fluke 62 Max IR Thermometer is designed with the user's on-the-job needs in thought, the new Fluke 62 MAX and 62 MAX+ infrared thermometers are everything experts would expect in measurement tools. The FLUKE 62 Max IR Thermometer is small sized, extremely accurate and very easy to use. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance and able to take a 3-meter drop while still being percise.
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Fluke 62 Max IR Laser Thermometer

The Fluke 62 Max is a small ergonomic IR thermometer with a single laser, a 10:1 distance to spot ratio, and highly accurate for measuring temperatures from -22° F to 932° F (-30° C to 500° C) with an accuracy of +1.5° C or 1.5% of reading (whichever is greater). The Fluke 62 infrared thermometer can be used to perform non-contact temperature measurements on transformers, motors, pumps, panels, breakers, compressors, duct, steam lines, valves, and vents. The Fluke 62 Max infrared thermometer is not for use to measure body temperature. The Fluke 62 will easily fit in your tool box or be clipped to your belt and is rated IP54 for dust and water resistance as well as rugged enough to withstand a 3-meter drop.

Key Features

  • Measures temperature from -22° F to 932° F (-30° C to 500° C)
  • 10:1 distance to spot ratio
  • Accuracy of +1.5° C or 1.5% of reading (whichever is greater)
  • Single laser targeting for accurate and repeatable measurements
  • IP54 rating against dust and moisture
  • High and low alarms
  • Displays Min/Max/Avg/Dif


The Fluke 62 Max thermometer has a large, backlit display making the data easier to read, even in dark places. In addition, the Fluke 62 Max IR thermometer non-contact will display the minimum, maximum or average temperature, or the difference between two measurements. It also has Hi and Lo alarms to quickly alert a user of measurements outside the limits. The Fluke 62 Max infrared non-contact digital thermometer is easily powered, only requiring a single AA battery to function.

Why are IR thermometers important? Temperature is often the first indication of potential problems in electrical and mechanical applications. But how can you easily determine if an electrical panel has a hot spot, a motor is overheating or an HVAC system is inefficient? The answer is with an infrared (IR) thermometer. With handheld, non-contact IR thermometers, you can instantly measure equipment temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. And with early detection of abnormal temperatures comes early correction of problems.

The distance to target ratio of your infrared thermometer is important to keep in mind. The distance-to-spot (D:S) ratio refers to the measurable surface area the infrared laser thermometer will read compared to the distance from which it takes that reading. For example, Fluke 62 Max IR thermometer with a 10:1 D:S ratio will measure an approximately 1-inch diameter area when it is 10 inches away. The further you are from the target the larger the measurable surface area becomes, thus impacting the accuracy of the readings if you need to measure a small space. Essentially, the D:S ratio lets you know what the ideal distance is to obtain an accurate reading.

Most handheld infrared thermometers have laser pointers that show the approximate center of the measurement area. It's important to know that the laser is only a pointer and not used for the actual temperature measurement. Another common misconception is that the thermometer is measuring the area illuminated by the laser beam. The measurement spot is always wider.

What’s in the Box?

  • 62 Max infrared thermometer
  • AA Battery
  • User Manual
  • 3-year warranty

Need a handheld IR thermometer with a wider temperature range? Check out:
Fluke 62 Max+ with dual lasers, 12:1 distance to spot ratio, and temperature range of -22°F to 1202°F (-30°C to 650°C).

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