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Ideal R158004 PoE Pro Data Cable and Power over Ethernet Verifier Tester
Ideal R158004 PoE Pro Data Cable and Power over Ethernet Verifier Tester

Ideal R158004 PoE Pro Data Cable and Power over Ethernet Verifier Tester

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Ideal R158004 PoE Pro Data Cable and Power over Ethernet Verifier Tester

The Ideal R158004 PoE Pro is a handheld data cable and PoE verifier tester that eliminates the guesswork when installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting PoE devices and data cabling. The PoE Pro Tester will measure and report PoE Class, voltage/ voltage drop, watts and injector type, making it easy to see how much power is available. This data cable and PoE Verifier is an ideal tool for technicians in security, IT, communications, PoE lighting and building automation professions to carry in their tool bag.

The PoE Pro includes all the features of the VDV II Pro PLUS the advanced PoE features:

VDV II Pro Features:
  • Cable Verification
  • Wiremap for miswires, split pairs, shorts and opens
  • RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45 and Coax ports
  • Cable length
  • Distance to open / short
  • Cable Tracing
  • Analog and digital tone generator
  • Active Network Testing
  • Port Blink
  • Media service Detection – Ethernet, analogue / digital telephone service and ISDN
  • Ethernet Speed Detection 10/100/1000 Mb/s

All of the VDV II Pro from above PLUS the following PoE Testing Features:

  • Validate PoE to ensure your device & network performs successfully
  • Supports 802.3bt High Power PoE (up to 90 watts)
  • Compatible with most non-standard PoE injectors
  • Identifies PSE Type (af/at/bt)
  • Identifies PSE Class – 0-8
  • Determines maximum power available (watts) at the device location
  • Displays voltage
  • Displays how many pairs have PoE

Ideal has eliminated the need for two testers with the PoE Pro. This product is built with the same features as the Ideal VDV II Pro which checks the integrity of copper cables found in domestic, commercial or industrial voice, data or video installations and adds to it the comprehensive Power over Ethernet (PoE) testing.

The new PoE Pro operates like the VDV II Pro when connected to regular cables or non-PoE network outlets. However, the PoE testing is automatic and begins as soon as a cable is connected to the RJ45 network port.

The tester comes with an integrated RJ11/RJ12 (voice), RJ45 (data) and F-Type (video) connectors allowing faster testing of most types of low-voltage cables.

The available power at a device location is easily checked using the PoE Pro. The tester will display the maximum power available including the maximum watts, Class (0-8), Voltage, Type (af/at/bt) and 2/4 pair operation. In addition, by connecting directly to a PoE switch and injector a technician will be able to measure the available power to determine if the problem lies with the power supply or cabling.

The R158004 will provide instant comprehensive details on wiremap faults such as opens, shorts, crossovers and split pairs. In addition, it can also identify wiring errors instantly. To accurately measure cable length or provide distance to a fault information, it uses Time Domain Reflectometry or TDR. The TDR technology means it sends a low voltage pulse into the cable under test. The TDR measures the time it takes for the signal to travel down the cable, see the problem, and reflect back. The TDR then converts this time to distance and displays the information as a distance reading.
The PoE Pro is able to find a fault faster by determining which media service such as Ethernet, ISDN, PBX and PoE is running over the cable.

Troubleshooting active Ethernet networks is also made easier with the in-built network detection that displays the speed (10/100/1000) and duplex (Half/Full) status of a network port.

The PoE Pro Data and Verifier Tester is able to prevent damage to the tester by providing a visible and audible warning if it detects high voltage. A technician can identify the switch port by utilizing the port blink feature as well as using the built-in analogue and digital tone generator with a compatible amplifier probe for a quick cable tracing.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x tester
  • 1 x dual port remote unit
  • 1 x coax remote unit
  • 1 x alkaline battery
  • 1 x multi-language user guide
  • 2 x RJ45 to alligator clip cable 390mm
  • 2 x screened RJ45 to RJ45 cable 150mm
  • 2 x RJ12 to RJ12 cable 100mm
  • 1 x F-type plug to F-type plug cable 230mm
  • 1 x F-81 barrel splice
  • 1 x BNC female to F-type male adaptor
  • 1 x BNC female to F-type female adaptor
  • 1 x RCA female to F-type male adaptor
  • 1 x RCA female to F-type female adaptor
  • 1 x wallet wiring card
  • 1 x carry case

Don't need a tester with PoE verification? Check out Ideal VDV II Series.

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