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Ideal Networks R163001 3000 MHz LanTek IV Cable Certifier with Link Adapters
Ideal R163001 3000 MHz LanTEK IV Cable Certifier with Link Adapters

Ideal Networks R163001 3000 MHz LanTek IV Cable Certifier with Link Adapters

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Ideal Networks R163001 3000 MHz LanTek IV Cable Certifier with Link Adapters

Trade-in your LanTEK I/II/III today for a new LanTEK IV and Save up to $3,000. More Details.

The Ideal R163001 3000MHz LanTEK IV is a copper and fiber optic cable certifier with sophisticated testing features as well as an enormous frequency range that allows it to test to today's most rigorous standards. Engineers and network service technicians can conduct and save a CAT6A test within seven seconds. In addition, the cable certifier can also certify links up to CAT8.1 and Cat8.2 and it can sweep up to 3000 MHz to meet future ISO and TIA standards. The certifier tests copper and fiber optic data cables with a standard wiremap that incorporates distance-to-fault while also providing more sophisticated tests. These sophisticated tests include TDRL and TDX troubleshooting that allow the user to find crosstalk and return loss faults, thus locating minor issues that may not be picked up by the standard wiremap test. Other tests include TCL / ELTCTL, common / differential NEXT, resistance unbalance, and shield integrity. The LanTek IV is used to test compliance to international standard, prove performance, as well as troubleshoot links. The LanTEK IV 3000MHz Cable Certifier is great for installing data cabling for commercial building LAN infrastructure, data centers, building automation, and industrial Ethernet.

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Key Features

  • Tests Cat 6a cables in just 7 seconds
  • Tests copper and fiber optic data cables
  • Large frequency range goes up to 3000MHz
  • ‘Future-proof’ certifier
  • Sophisticated TDRL and TDX troubleshooting
  • VisiLINQ PL adapters with field replaceable RJ45 tips
  • Capable of testing up to Cat 8.2
  • Measures TLC and Resistance Unbalance
  • Locates return loss fault and cross talk
  • Wiremap and distance-to-fault
  • USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rugged Design
  • Provides audible tone and visible indicator when connected to the remote unit
  • Easier and Faster User Interface
  • Pre-configure the project in the Ideal Anyware Cloud for eliminate setup errors
  • Send label IDs to printer for fast and accurate labeling


The bright touchscreen interface makes navigation, setup, testing and viewing results quick and easy.

VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters

The LanTEK IV comes with patent-pending VisiLINQ permanent link adapter, which allows the Field Technician to initiate testing at the press of a button on the test plug and view the test results on multi-colored LED lights without the need to carry the certifier.

Field Replaceable Permanent Link Adapter Tips

The RJ45 tip on the modules are also field-replaceable to reduce the cost of ownership.

Team Viewer Live Support

Colleagues, cable manufacturers and out technical support team can all connect to LanTEK IV remotely to help increase collaboration, minimizing troubleshooting time, and reduce call backs. To collaborate, the LanTEK IV user simply connects to WiFi and enables the Remote Control function.  This then displays an ID and password on the LanTEK IV screen. The user shares these details with their remote co-worker, who is using the Team Viewer system on a PC or tablet. They can then enter the Partner ID, click ‘Connect’, enter the password when prompted, and finally click ‘Log on’ to connect to LanTEK IV quickly and easily. The reports can them be exported to Ideal AnyWARE’s Cloud platform.

Ideal AnyWARE Cloud

The Ideal cable certifier can connect via Wi-Fi directly to the portal of the new Ideal AnyWARE Cloud test data management system to improve real-time collaboration between teams. This new feature allows you to configure the project information and tests to be performed in advance and then import them into the instruments in order to save time and avoid possible errors in on-site settings.

Complete Protection for your LanTEK IV

Ideal offers a Sapphire Care Plan for the LanTEK IV cable certifier to minimize down time, reduce the cost of ownership, and protects against unforeseen repair bills.

What’s in the Box?

  • LanTEK IV-3000MHz Cable Certifier. TIA Category 8/ ISO Class I/II.
  • LanTEK IV Display/Remote handsets
  • CAT8 RJ45 VisiLINQ Permanent Link Adapters (2)
  • Li-ion Battery (2)
  • Universal Power Adapters (2)
  • USB Cable
  • Hanging Strap (2)
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Carrying Case
  • Calibration Certificate
  • One year warranty

Check out Ideal Networks Cable Certifier LanTEK R163000 500MHZ that can test Cat6A copper and fiber optic cables within 7 seconds.

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