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Inficon D-Tek Stratus CO2 Refrigerant Leak Detector 724-204-G1
Inficon D-Tek Stratus CO2 Refrigerant Leak Detector 724-204-G1

Inficon D-Tek Stratus CO2 Refrigerant Leak Detector 724-204-G1

Part Number: 724-204-G1
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Inficon D-Tek Stratus CO2 Refrigerant Leak Detector

The Inficon D-Tek Stratus 724-204-G1 is a portable, highly sensitive CO2 leak detector with cloud hunting, pinpoint, and manual capabilities as well as a sensitivity of 0.07 oz./yr. (2 g/a). The D-Tek Stratus CO2 refrigerant leak detector quickly locates the area containing the leak using the large, easy-to-read LCD and then using the Pinpoint mode pinpoints the actual leak. The 724-204-G1 D-Tek refrigerant leak detector only includes a CO2 sensor.

Key Features

  • Sensitivity of 0.07 oz./yr. (2 g/a)
  • CO2 sensor only
  • Innovative Cloud Hunting mode with ppm to locate leaks faster
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Automatic and manual zero mode
  • Two probes 17" and an extra-long 35"


The Inficon D-Tek Stratus CO2 refrigerant leak detector has three operating modes – Cloud Hunting, Pinpoint, and Manual Zero, and the CO2 leak detector always starts up in the last mode that was used.

Cloud Hunting mode helps you navigate through the cloud of refrigerant to get closer to the leak source. The D-Tek Stratus uses patent-pending technology to display the refrigerant concentration in the air in parts per million (PPM) on the large LCD display. This allows you to read the display and follow the number to find areas of higher concentration, leading you to the leak source.

A technician can then switch to Pinpoint mode to accurately identify the exact leak location. In Pinpoint mode, if a leak is detected, the CO2 refrigerant leak detector will alarm and the screen indicators will illuminate. This mode works like a standard leak detector with auto-zeroing, where the indicator bars illuminate to indicate when a leak is detected.

Manual Zero mode looks and operates similarly to pinpoint mode, but in Manual Zero mode it allows the user to manually zero the background refrigerant. Once the new zero point is set, the leak detector will not alarm until a higher concentration of refrigerant is detected. In this mode, the detector beeps faster at the zero point than other modes. If the concentration is lower than the current zero point, beeping slows. This allows the user to know if they are moving away from the leak by listening to a change in beep rate.

There is a volume button on the side that has three options: full, 50%, and mute. If working in a noisy environment a headphone jack is located on the right side of the D-Tek Stratus 724-204-G1 for listening to the alarm sound through headphones or the included earbuds.

In addition, the D-Tek Stratus CO2 leak detector uses a hydrophobic filter cartridge that allows air and refrigerants to pass through while filtering out water, dust, and oil. It also comes with a newly designed infrared sensor, and a lithium battery – both field replaceable.

For those hard to reach areas, the D-Tek includes an extra-long replacement probe (35") for locating leaks.

The D-Tek Stratus CO2 refrigerant leak detector only comes with the CO2 sensor. An optional sensor 724-701-G1 is available for detecting CFCs, HFCFs, HFCs, and HFOs.

What's in the Box?

  • D-Tek Stratus CO2 Refrigerant Leak Detector 724-204-G1
  • Infrared sensor
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Spare filters
  • AC wall charger
  • DC car charger
  • Extra-long probe (35")
  • Carrying case
  • Earbuds
  • Two-year warranty

For locating CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs:

You can purchase the sensor 724-701-G1 for the 724-204-G1 CO2 Refrigerant Leak Detector or
Check out the Inficon D-Tek Stratus 724-202-G1 Refrigerant Leak Detector.

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