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Inficon D-TEK Stratus Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector with Cloud Hunting

Part Number: 721-202-G1
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The Inficon D-TEK Stratus infrared refrigerant leak detector combines the detection capabilities of the D-TEK Select and the cloud hunting potential of a larger portable monitor. This allows HVAC technicians to quickly locate the area a leak is occurring and then pinpoint it all with one instrument.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Cloud Hunter Feature
  • Extremely Sensitive (0.03 oz/year)
  • LCD Display
  • New, Redesigned Infrared Sensor
  • Automatic and Manual Zero Modes

The new Stratus is a game changer for handheld portable A/C freon leak detectors. The LCD display helps navigate large leaks by honing in on the source of the leak. Using the cloud hunting mode to find the highest ppm concentration in rooms that normally give trouble to traditional handheld detectors. The all new infrared sensor features the longest life in the industry and the sensitivity does not degrade over time.

Speaking of sensitivity, the D-TEK Stratus boasts an extremely high minimum sensitivity of 0.03 oz/yr making it three times more sensitive than competing IR Leak Detectors. This unit detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs including R22, R410a, R134a, R1234yf, ammonia, SF6, and more.

Keeping the technician in mind is a core value of Inficon and they continue this trend by making field replacement of common components easy. The lithium ion battery and IR sensors are both easily accessed and replaced if the need ever arises.

The Inficon 724-202-G1 Infrared HVAC Leak Detector includes the following:

  • D-TEK Stratus
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Spare Filters
  • AC Wall Charger
  • DC Car Charger
  • Carrying Case
  • Earbuds

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