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OWL F7+M Multimode Fiber Certifier with OTDR
OWL F7+M Fiber Certifier with OTDR (Light source not included)

OWL F7+M Multimode Fiber Certifier with OTDR

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OWL F7+M Multimode Tier 2 Fiber Certifier

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The OWL F7+M Multimode Tier 2 Fiber Certifier features an optical power meter and built-in OTDR to perform complete fiber testing. Coupled with OWLView software, technicians can provide a Tri-report that highlights test results from the OTDR, Endface Analysis, and Link Certification.

Key Features

  • Fiber Certification
  • Built-in OTDR
  • 10-Gig Testing
  • Encircled Flux Compliance
  • NIST Traceability
  • OWLView Software with Tri-Reporting


The OWL F7+M is a multimode tier 2 fiber certifier gives fiber installation technicians the tools needed to properly certify and prove their work. The OWL 7+ fiber certifier will help you win more bids with its comprehensive Tri-Reporting option available.

The color LCD screen clearly displays results and a clear PASS / FAIL icon using known standards. Fiber OWL7+ certifiers are small and compact coming in at a third of the size and weight when compared to the competition.

OWL utilizes the beautiful color display by having helpful diagrams that prompt the user to connect the tester to the link as shown. There are also text based help screens that are available if technicians have questions in the field.

Optical Power Meter

The optical power meter includes in the F7+M is used for an absolute measurement of the amount of light intensity. This unit is a multimode power meter using the 850 / 1300 nm wavelengths.

When used in OPM Mode, the F7+M performs the following basic tests:

  • Transmitter Power Measurement
  • Receiver Sensitivity Measurement
  • Checking Patch Cables
  • Verification of NIST Calibration Levels
  • Basic Optical Loss Measurement


OTDR's are complicated technical devices and require a high technical skill, knowledge, and expertise to operate. OTDR's are built to locate faults or "events" in an optical fiber. The events can include things like breaks, shatters, connector endfaces, patch panels, splices, macro-bends, and micro-bends.

OTDR's can detect two types of events that encompasses those type of anomalies and they are Fresnel (reflective) and backscatter (non-reflective). Fresnel events are caused by "glass-to-air" boundaries in the fiber which causes a high amount of light to be reflected back into the OTDR.

Backscatter events are caused by intrinsic properties of the optical fiber. This leads to light scattering in all directions, including back into the OTDR.

OWLView Software

One great benefit of the OWL F7+M fiber certifier is the OWLView software. Tri-Reports built by OWLView give customers a full report of the fiber optic install from Endface analysis, OTDR tests, and Link Certification.

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