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Sauermann Si-CA 130 Commercial Combustion Analyzer, Two Gasses (CO, O2), Probe and Hard Carrying Case 2AH Kit
Sauermann Si-CA 130 Commercial Combustion Analyzer, Two Gasses (CO, O2), Probe and Hard Carrying Case 2AH Kit

Sauermann Si-CA 130 Commercial Combustion Analyzer, Two Gasses (CO, O2), Probe and Hard Carrying Case 2AH Kit

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Sauermann Si-CA 130 Commercial Combustion Analyzer with O2 and CO sensor

The Sauermann Si-CA 130 2AH Kit is a residential and commercial combustion analyzer with an O2 and CO sensor for emissions monitoring of boilers, engines, and other combustion applications. An optional NO or low NO sensor for Nox is also available. The Sauermann Si-CA 130 Combustion Analyzer measures Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and calculates Carbon Dioxide. The Sauermann Si-CA 130 two gas commercial combustion analyzer kit 2AH measures all of the necessary temperature, draft, and pressure measurements for combustion efficiency analysis. The Sauermann’s combustion gas analyzers are designed with the contractor in mind and feature: the latest digital and metrology technologies, making measurements reliable and reducing the time technicians need to spend on-site. The Si-CA 130 does not include a printer.

Listed below are the Sauermann Combustion Analyzers for residential and commercial applications with two gas sensors (O2, CO) with the option of an additional NO sensor available.

Key Features

  • Up to 3 Sensors (O2 and CO included)
  • Field replaceable precalibrated sensors
  • Optional NO Sensor available
  • CO sensor measurement up to 8,000 ppm
  • Auto pump cut-off for high CO levels
  • Standard Flue Gas Test Probe 7" (180mm) with 6.5' (2m) dual hose
  • 4.3” Large color touch screen with graphing
  • Mobile phone app for real-time remote display & control
  • Draft & differential pressure measurements
  • Combustion efficiency & excess air calculations
  • Quick and easy pump On/Off control
  • Predictive maintenance with estimated sensor life & calibration reminders
  • Data management with automatic logging & report creation through app/PC software
  • PC software with wireless and USB connectivity
  • Hard carrying case
  • Protective rubber holster


The Sauermann Si-CA 2AH 130 flue analyzer comes with PC-based management software as well as offers a wireless connection to the free Sauermann Combustion mobile app for Android and iOS. The app allows technicians to control the Si-CA 130 analyzer remotely, access to extra features, view measurement results in real-time, and customize results before exporting in the format of their choice. The Si-CA 130 flue gas analyzer can generate and export reports in PDF, CSV, and XML formats and store a customer database.

Sauermann Combustion Mobile app
  • Fast, easy wireless connection to any iOS or Android device
  • PC software with USB & wireless connectivity
  • Remote live view of combustion analysis data as list or graph
  • Remote control to change settings
  • Data saving, including automatic logging
  • Report creation in PDF, CSV (for Excel) and XML formats
  • Databases for customers, operators & equipment

The Sauermann combustion analyzer includes features that make them convenient to use: a powerful magnet for hands-free work, a color touch screen display, and built-in software that issues cell service cycle reminders. The cell service cycle lets a technician know how much sensor life is left and when it’s time to replace that sensor.

In addition, the Si-CA 130 analyzer comes with an additional protective rubber casing, so it sits firmly in the palm without slipping. The probe connectors are hidden away inside the unit, so there is no risk of them breaking if the instrument is dropped. The Sauermann Si-CA 130 2AH Kit comes in a hard carrying case. The Sauermann combustion analyzer has an ingress protection rating of IP42.

Checking whether a boiler, furnace, or other combustion equipment is properly optimized requires a modern combustion gas analyzer capable of calculating combustion efficiency. Making this calculation can be a complex task. The Sauermann Si-CA 130 combustion analyzer, working with the dedicated Sauermann Combustion app, can deliver reliable results- all compiled into a comprehensive electronic report.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Si-CA 130 analyzer
  • 1 O2 gas sensors
  • 1 Cellule CO gas sensors
  • 1 Protective rubber holster
  • 1 Flue gas probe with dual hose
  • 1 Water trap with filter
  • 1 AC power supply / charger
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Mobile app & PC software
  • 1 Internal wireless communication module
  • 1 Hard carrying case
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Calibration certificate
  • Warranty – Two years

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