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Testo 317-1 Handheld Flue Gas Leak Detector
Testo 317-1 Handheld Flue Gas Leak Detector

Testo 317-1 Handheld Flue Gas Leak Detector

Part Number: 0632 3170
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Testo 317-1 Flue Gas Leak Detector quickly and efficiently detects escaping flue gases at the source. This combustible gas leak detector contains a flexible probe for hard-to-access locations.
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Testo 317-1 Handheld Flue Gas Leak Detector

The Testo 317-1 is a handheld flue gas leak detector that will quickly and reliably detect leaking flue gas such as carbon monoxide from heating systems. Flue gases escaping from a burner will trigger both an audible and optical alarm in the Testo 317-1.

Key Features

  • Reliable detection of flue gases
  • Flexible probe for inaccessible areas
  • Audible and visual alarm

Flue gas leaks in the area of combustion plants indicate a malfunction or blockage of the flue gas paths and can quickly become a problem because breathing in poisonous gases leads to health risks or even death. The Testo 317-1 is a handy measuring instrument that detects escaping heating flue gases quickly and reliably. The Testo 317-1 is easy to use by simply keeping the "DETECT" button pressed when searching for escaping flue gases. When you release the "DETECT" button, the instrument switches off. The Testo 317-1 handheld instrument provides immediate optical and audible alarms when sensing gas. The flexible probe enables use in even the tightest spaces.

What is in the Box?

  • Testo 317-1
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • One year warranty

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