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Testo Smart Probe Test and Load Refrigeration AC-R Set Part 0563 0009
Testo Smart Probe Test and Load Refrigeration AC-R Set Part 0563 0009

Testo Smart Probe Test and Load Refrigeration AC-R Set Part 0563 0009

Part Number: 0563 0009
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Testo Smart Probe Test and Load Refrigeration AC-R Set Part 0563 0009

The Testo 0563 0009 is a test and load kit that includes (2) Testo 549i Pressure Smart Probes, (2) Testo 115i Pipe Clamp Thermometer Smart Probes and (2) Testo 605i Thermo Hygrometer Smart Probes for a full system overview of an air condition and refrigeration systems as well as on a heat pump. Measurement values are transmitted via Bluetooth to the free Testo Smart Probe App on your smart device up to 350’ away enabling convenient and flexible readouts. In addition, the App enables automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures as well as heating/cooling output. These Testo probes combine professional measurement technology with convenient operation for an HVAC service technician to use when servicing, troubleshooting and installing air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Key Features

  • Simultaneously measures high-side and low-side refrigerant pressure and temperatures of AC/ refrigeration systems
  • Calculates superheat and subcooling in the Smart Probe App
  • 350’ Bluetooth range
  • Testo 549i includes 45 angled hose connections
  • Testo 605i includes 90 foldable probe
  • Measurement data is transmitted to the Smart Probes App on your smart device
  • Soft case holds complete set of smart probes


The Testo 115i Pipe Clamp Thermometer Smart Probe is designed to measure refrigerant or liquid temperatures from -58°F to 302°F on pipes ranging from 0.25 in to 1.5 in diameter. The Testo 115i works great with any hydronic heating system and gives more accurate temperature readings than thermocouples using NTC technology. It is a simple on/off button operation. In addition, technicians can now read the measurements using the Smart Probe App on their smart devices up to 350’ away.

The Testo 549i Pressure Smart Probe is an exciting and innovative pressure measurement instrument that has a measuring range from -14 to 870 psi. The probe uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit the pressure readings directly to any mobile device up to 350’ away using the free Testo Smart Probes App. For additional convenience, the new 45º angle probe on the 549i easily connects to a standard Schrader valves to measure either high side or low side pressures without the use of hoses or wires, making it great for quick and accurate diagnostic testing.

The Testo 549i can be paired with the wireless Testo 115i pipe clamps to automatically calculate superheating and subcooling values using the Testo Smart Probe App.

The Testo 605i is an easy to use thermo-hygrometer probe that measures relative humidity and temperature in rooms, ducts, and environmental chambers and sends the information via Bluetooth to the Smart Probe App on a smart device. The probe now has a thinner tip for smaller openings, folds to 45 and 90 degrees and has a magnet on the back for additional convenience when obtaining measurements in a vent. The 605i will also automatically calculate dew point and wet bulb.

The Testo Smart Probe App combines the capabilities of your smart phone/tablet with the accurate measurements of the Testo Smart Probes. Using the App a HVAC service technician can view the measurements of up to six Smart Probes at one time on a smartphone or tablet. Measurement value and changes can be viewed as a graph or table. In addition, the App has a menu of calculations and applications commonly used to diagnose an AC/R system. The measurement data report can be sent directly by email as a pdf or csv file to maximize a technician's efficiency.

What’s in the Box?

  • (2) 115i wireless temperature clamp probes
  • (2) 549i wireless pressure probes
  • (2) 605i thermo-hygrometer probes
  • Padded softcase with space for all probes
  • Batteries
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Certification of calibration
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – 2 years

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