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TPI SP341 K-Type Temperature Smart Probe
The TPI SP341 K-Type Temperature Smart Probe comes standard with the bead wire probe

TPI SP341 K-Type Temperature Smart Probe

Part Number: SP341
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TPI has entered the smart probe market with a full portfolio of smart probes, including their new SP341 K-type temperature probe. The SP341 communicates with Android Smart Phones via Bluetooth LE and the TPI App.

Key Features:

  • Auto Field Calibrate in less than 10 seconds
  • Measure temperature and calculate T1-T2
  • Communicate with smartphone via Bluetooth LE and TPI App
  • Record minimum, maximum & average
  • Display readings in °F or °C

The SP341 measures temperatures from -58 °F to 2462 °F and can accept K-type probes with its industry standard sub-mini connector. The SP341 can be field calibrated in less than 10 seconds in ice water to achieve a ± 1 °F accuracy. These smart temperature probes are great for taking temperatures at registers, vents, and compressor heads.

Quickly measure T1 and T2 and calculate the delta via the TPI App. The unit is powered by 3 x AAA batteries and has an estimated life of 60 hours. The ability to swap out probe heads is also nice as you now have a multi-purpose smart probe. This includes probes for food surface, immersion, air, as well as pipe clamps.

Optional Probes

TPI FK13M Immersion Probe

FK13M - 8" Stem, Heavy Duty Pointed Tip Immersion Probe

TPI CK15M Surface Probe for SP341

CK15M - 8" Stem, Heavy Duty Surface Probe

TPI SK16M Air Probe for SP341

GK16M - 8" Stem, Heavy Duty Caged Air Probe

TPI Pipe Clamp Probe for SP341
GK24M - K-Type Pipe Clamp

TPI Smart Probe App

The TPI Smart Probe App allows you to view measurements from the SP341 in real time on your smart phone. The app will display this information in graphical form or as the measured values. The app also lets you create reports and save readings in CSV format to easily email to the customer or office.

TPI App T1 display
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