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TPI SP565 Thermal Anemometer Smart Probe
TPI SP565 Thermal Anemometer Smart Probe

TPI SP565 Thermal Anemometer Smart Probe

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The TPI SP565 is a thermal anemometer smart probe that uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with the TPI App. The SP565 will measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously while the App will calculate CFM.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneously measure air velocity and temperature
  • Measure air velocity from 40 to 3900 fpm
  • Measure temperature from -4 °F to 140 °F
  • Connect to the TPI for live measurements and report creation
  • Record minimum, maximum & average
  • Selectable units - m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mile/h

The SP565 is great for measuring air velocity and performing air duct analysis in HVAC systems. The hot wire probe extends and can be rotated 180 degrees for measurements inside a duct or in hard to reach spots.

The TPI SP565 Probe rotates 1800 degrees

This hot wire smart probe fits easily into your hand and is simple to operate. Their is a single on / off switch to press and a small status LED below it to show whether it is connected to the Bluetooth. With the TPI App you can even calculate the CFM of the air flow.

Like other smart probes, the TPI SP565 is also powered by 3 AAA batteries and has an estimated battery life of 60 hours. When not in use, make sure to slide the cover over the probe to protect the sensor tips.

TPI Smart Probe App

The TPI SP565 thermal anemometer really comes alive when you couple it with the TPI App. The app allows you to measure in one location and view those measurements in real time on your smart phone. The app allows you to connect multiple TPI smart probes and see them all simultaneously.

The TPI App can be used to generate reports to share with customers and the office. This greatly reduces time spent filling out paperwork which every HVAC technician is looking to reduce.

TPI SP565 App ScreenshotTPI Smart Probe App Screenshot
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Whats in the box?

  • Thermal Anemometer Smart Probe
  • Carrying Pouch

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