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  4. Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter CME5 [Free 2nd Day Shipping]
Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter CME5 [Free 2nd Day Shipping]
Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter CME5

Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter CME5 [Free 2nd Day Shipping]

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Tramex CME5 Concrete Moisture Meter

The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Meter CME5 is a non-invasive, easy to use, moisture meter for measuring the moisture levels of concrete slabs as per ASTM F2959 and giving comparative or equivalent readings in other cementitious floor screeds instantly. The CME5 is an essential instrument for restoration contractors, flooring professionals and other technicians who need to make sure the screed or concrete floor is sufficiently dry before a floor covering is installed.

Key Features

  • Instant, accurate, non-destructive moisture meter for concrete
  • Performs test as per ASTM F2659
  • Measures up to 6% moisture concrete in concrete
  • Gypsum Reference Reading Range
  • Comparative reading range
  • Reading can be sent to Tramex App on via Bluetooth
  • Hold button to “freeze” reading
  • Easy to read analog display
  • Optional extension bracket and selfie stick


The new CME5 replaces the very popular CME4 with the same calibration and accuracy, but now includes Bluetooth connection to the Tramex App on your iOS and Android devices, a new ergonomic body design, improved battery life, improved combined testing for even better accuracy, and an optional extension bracket with a selfie stick allowing for effortless moisture testing of concrete.

Concrete slabs and floors are an excellent subfloor for tile or other floor coverings. However, when working with concrete flooring the most critical piece of information needed is the moisture level in the concrete. Proper testing of the concrete for moisture content is the only way to know if the concrete slab is dry enough to accept flooring. A concrete slab may appear to be dry, but without proper moisture testing before installing carpet or other materials, could lead to floor failures such as condensation, blistering, mold, or other conditions that would deteriorate the floor covering.

The Tramex CME5 is designed specifically for use on concrete slabs and will easily and accurately measure the moisture content over a large area in the shortest possible time. With a depth penetration of approximately ¾” on bare dust free concrete slabs, the moisture meter is calibrated to give percentage moisture content readings up to 6%. Moisture readings on concrete slabs through paint, coatings, adhesives or other material on the surface should be regarded as qualitative or comparative and not quantitative.

The CME5 evaluates the moisture conditions within the slab or screed by non-invasively measuring the electrical impedance. A low frequency electronic signal is emitted into the material to be tested through the electrodes on the base of the meter. The strength of this signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture present in the material. The CME5 moisture meter determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value for concrete slabs and a comparative value for other cementitous floor screeds. The moisture content is easily read on the large analog display. In addition, the moisture meter also has a hold button to freeze a reading when taking measurements in hard to reach locations.

With the new Bluetooth capabilities on the CME5, moisture readings can be sent via Bluetooth to the Tramex App on your mobile device when you press the Bluetooth button on the CME5.

The Tramex CALCRH Calibration Check Plate is used to check the calibration of the moisture meter. You simply turn the meter on, press the instrument firmly onto the plate so that the spring loaded pins are fully compressed, and read the results. If the measurements are outside the permitted tolerance stated on the front of the CALCRH Check Plate, the instrument should be returned to Tramex for re-calibration

Tramex with over 40 years in the design and production of moisture meters has an international reputation for the highest standards in quality and innovation in a variety of industries related to moisture content in wood and concrete. When purchasing a Tramex, you are investing in quality and peace of mind for years of trouble free use.

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