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UEi EM201B Differential Pressure Manometer
UEi EM201B Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

UEi EM201B Differential Pressure Manometer

Part Number: EM201B
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UEi EM201B Differential Pressure Manometer is a ruggedly designed manometer that is an intuitive digital alternative to taking "U-Tube" pressure measurements. UEi EM201B upgrades the original EM201 by adding Pascals to the unit options and allowing the Min/Max to be reset at any time as opposed to on start-up only.
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UEi EM201B Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

UEi EM201B is an easy to use digital differential pressure manometer that is an alternative to the U-Tube manometer to measure gas supply and draft pressures in residential and light commercial properties. The UEi manometer EM201B differential mode also provides a convenient way to measure pressure drops.

Key Features

  • Dual input differential measurements to +- 60
  • Triple scale: InWC, mBar, PSI and Pa
  • Data hold
  • Backlit display
  • Dynamic MIN/MAX value capture
  • Auto power-off
  • 3 Year limited warranty


The EM201B UEi Test Instruments is simple to use and with its large, easy to read, digital backlit screen a service technician will quickly and efficiently be able to measure the pressure in the system. The measurements can be displayed in InWC, mBar, and PSI. The EM201B UEi digital differential pressure manometer is ruggedly built with sturdy metal fittings and protected by a rubber boot with a built-in magnet for easy visual access while working.

There are several advantages of using electronic manometers. An electronic manometer is portable and more compact than the old fluid-filled types. The UEi Test Instruments EM201B test dual input differential manometer is more accurate and provides a greater resolution than older versions, and a digital display is easier to read.

Static pressure is the measurement of all the resistance in the duct system that the fan has to work against such as filters, grills, A/C coils, and the ductwork. Measuring and understanding the static pressure in an HVAC system is important for an HVAC technician to get a general idea of the systems overall condition.

What's in the Box?

  • EM201B dual differential manometer
  • 2 Pressure tubes with brass fittings
  • One 9V Battery
  • 3-year limited warranty

Need a kit?

Check out the UEi EM201SPKIT which adds the following accessories: (2) magnetic static pressure probe tips, (2) stepped T fittings, 60" pressure tube, and a soft carrying case

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