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UEi HUB4 Smart Refrigerant Charging AC System Diagnostic Kit (Free 2nd Day Shipping)
UEi HUB4 Smart Refrigerant Charging Kit

UEi HUB4 Smart Refrigerant Charging AC System Diagnostic Kit (Free 2nd Day Shipping)

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UEi HUB4 Smart Refrigerant Charging Kit

The UEi HUB4 is a four piece smart probe kit that allows HVAC service technicians to take two pipe temperature readings and two pressure readings and wirelessly transmit the data to the UEI HUB smart phone app. Quickly see how the AC system is operating and view adjustments in real time.

Key Features

  • Diagnose AC System with Wireless Probes and See Results in Real Time on Your Smart Device
  • Perform AC System Charge Using Additional Port on Pressure Probe
  • Recover Refrigerant from AC System and Monitor Recovery Wirelessly
  • Wireless Distance up to 150ft, Work in AC Controlled Area on Hot Days
  • Free UEI HUB App for iOS and Android


The UEi HUB4 is designed to be used in conjunction with the free UEI HUB App to test and diagnose AC systems. HUB4 comes with two temperature clamp probes and two pressure probes that will give you a complete overview of how the system is performing.

The WPP1 wireless pressure probes can rotate 180º for easier use in cramped or tight spaces. This is great as installation sites are not known for their vast amounts of space you can work in. The range for the units is 0 to 725 psig and a has a resolution of 0.1 psi. The connections for both ports are 1/4" and the WPP1 have an estimated battery life of 100+ hours on only 2 AA batteries.

Another breakthrough feature of the WPP1 pressure probes is the extra refrigeration port that opens up the ability to add or recover refrigerant without having to remove the probes from the system. No longer do you have to disconnect and reconnect every time you need to make an adjustment.

The WPC1 temperature pipe clamps utilize a high accuracy thermistor that drifts less than thermocouples and doesnt require field calibration. The temperature range for these pipe clamps is 32º F to 176º F and has a resolution of 0.1º F. The maximum pipe diameter for this clamp is 1.5 inches.

One quirk of the temperature clamps is that they do not feature wireless and plug directly into the pressure probes with the supplied cables. One benefit this has is it reduces the likelihood of too many wireless signals crossing and having connectivity problems that has been seen with other smart probe setups.

HUB4 utilizes Bluetooth 4.2 and has a wireless distance of up to 150ft depending on the environment. This is a stark improvement over the leading competitor and one of the professional communities biggest complaints.


The UEI HUB app for Android and iOS allows you to see the data from HUB4 in real time. Easily switch between the refrigerant side and air side with a simple touch on the screen. Connecting your tools is easier than ever and you can easily select and drag the probes to the proper location to ensure proper readings. the UEI HUB app includes many of the most common refrigerants and gives you the option to create favorites to find your refrigerants even faster. The UEI HUB app looks very nice and is laid out in a very simple to read format.

UEi HUB Refrigerant ScreenUEi HUB Air ScreenUEi HUB Tool Connection Screen

UEi HUB Apple Store LinkUEi HUB Google Play Link

Whats in the Box?

  • 2 - Pressure Probes (WPP1)
  • 2 - Temperature Pipe Clamps (WPC1)
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 - Connector Cables
  • 4 - AA Batteries

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